Whether Shamshera is a success or a failure, it is a matter of concern for YRF, Ranbir stole the meeting and left!

The period drama “Shamshera”, directed by Karan Malhotra, is shown in theaters. This is the third film from the Yash Raj Films banner after Jayeshbhai Jordaar, Samrat Prithviraj, which has hit theaters this year. Previously, both films flopped. In recent years, many Yash Raj movies have turned out to be box office flops. Whether Shamshera will be a hit or miss at the box office is now a matter of concern for the producers more than for Ranbir Kapoor. As far as Ranbir is concerned, the praise he receives is proof that the actor has played his part well.

If we look at the Bollywood movies released so far in the year 2021 and the year 2022, Shamshera has the most screens in cinemas. Ranbir’s film is on 4,350 screens across the country. Before this, most of the screens were hosted by Emperor Prithviraj of Yash Raj. After this, Suryavanshi at 3,741 screens, 83 at 3,519 screens, Bhool Bhulaiya 2 at 3,200 screens, and Jayeshbhai came in vigorously at 2,250 screens. However, based on the number of screens that Shamshera has, the estimated business of the first day of the film can be considered very simple. Despite launching solo on over four thousand screens, Shamshera is expected to earn Rs 10-12 million on the first day. This is a disappointing collection compared to the display.

Shamshera is Ranbir’s first period drama.

Is Bollywood a scathing response to Shamshera South?

There is mixed praise for Shamshera on social media. There is no shortage of people on social media giving Shamshera a scathing Bollywood response to South. One user wrote on Twitter: Just saw Shamshera. I would like to say here that this is a must see paisa vasool and massive masala artist of the year. Ranbir Kapoor is back with a different style. The color of it is worth seeing. Sanjay Dutt has also given a wonderful performance in the avatar of Shuddh Singh. Truly an entertaining movie from Karan Malhotra.

Another user gave the movie a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and wrote: What a movie. Ranbir Kapoor’s new avatar is about to set the screen on fire. This movie is like a strong slap in the cheeks for those who spread negativity about Bollywood movies in praise of South. Shamshera film is fire. One user wrote in praise: Ranbir Kapoor has given his best in the movie. The casting of the film is tremendous. The work of most of the artists, including Sanjay Dutt, impressed. The film has been rated above 4 in praise reactions. Naturally, many also call it a masterpiece.

shamsheraSanjay Dutt plays the character of Shuddh Singh in Shamshera.

But such reactions are also awash with people who feel that Ranbir’s work is the film’s greatest achievement, despite accusations that the film is just a carbon copy of some of South’s blockbusters. The result of this copy is that while a lot of other things look better, Shamshera’s story and script have been removed. There is no insistence and passion to create something different in music. Describing the film as average, one wrote: Watching Shamshera, it seems as if a film has been made combining Bahubali, RRR and KGF. The story seems loose in adulteration. Although the acting of the actors and some of the images are excellent, the film seems weak.

Many users have also called it a big disappointment and said that this is the second Thugs of Hindostan banner from Yash Raj, which has a lot of glitter but no power.

One wrote: The casting of characters, the character of Shamshera, the cinematography and visuals, the background music and dialogue can all be included in the best things about Shamshera. But some mesh scenes and unnecessary elo rating in some parts have spoiled the fun. Shamshera also receives opposition on social networks. A strong campaign to boycott the film is also visible. Many users also appealed not to watch it, calling Shamshera a Sanatan and anti-Indian film. There was a lot of anger in people’s minds regarding the introduction of Shuddh Singh’s character.

Until the moment of writing the news, the broad opinion of the critic has not been revealed. But in the few reviews that were seen, the content of Shamshera does not seem to be highly appreciated. Taran Adarsh ​​expressed surprise at the texture of the film, rating it only 1.5 and calling it an epic disappointment.

ranbir-kapoor-650_072222021311.jpgRanbir is playing a double role in Shamshera.

What About Shamshera on IMDb?

The film has been released today. Due to this, there is not much rumor about Shamshera on the IMDb movie database portal. However, it seems to be sounding good on social networks. As of this writing on IMDb, just over 350 registered users have shown an interest in rating the film. The movie is getting an average rating of 6.5 out of 10. There are also some mixed reviews where there are bridges of praise or it has been highly criticized. By the way, there is room to improve the ratings on IMDb over time. From the way the film is being discussed on social media, it can be believed that due to the acting of the actors, Shamshera’s word of mouth came out better and Ranbir Kapoor Sanjay Dutt’s film should benefit from it.

Shamshera stars Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt along with Vaani Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana, Ronit Roy, Tridha Choudhary, and Pitobhash Tripathi in pivotal roles. The budget of the film is said to be around Rs 150 million.

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