Who celebrates the death of the Danish Siddiqui?

Danish Siddiqui, Reuters photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, was assassinated in Afghanistan on July 16. Siddiqui was on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border with Afghan security forces. Fighting on the border escalated after the US military ended its Afghan mission. The Afghan army says the Danish Siddiqui was killed in a Taliban shootout, but the Taliban have denied the allegations. “We do not know who killed the journalist. Journalists tell us when someone enters the war zone and provide them with the security they need,” Mujahid told a Taliban spokesman, according to various media reports. The spokesman said the Taliban were mourning the death of the Danish Siddiqui. Siddiqui was the chief photographer for Reuters in India. Following his death, right-wing Twitter users and the media attempted to celebrate Siddiqui’s death, several journalists allege. Journalists Rana Ayub and Mohammad Zubair, who are fierce critics of the BJP, noted this in tweets. “The right hates him for exposing the truth. The right hates him for exposing the waste of power. The right hates him for becoming a mirror of society in front of the authorities who disrespected corpses. The right hates him for pointing out that the government is not doing its duty. Tributes to the Danish Siddiqui “. Muhammad Zubair tweeted. Journalist Rana Ayub tweeted that the right wing in India is happy with the death of the Danish Siddiqui. Rana Ayub alleged that the Dane had died a brave death and that those who worked for you for money did not dare to reveal his identity. Ayub was quoted as saying that he had retweeted an account anonymously tweeting pro-BJP content. The Danish Siddiqui paintings were internationally acclaimed during the second wave of Kovid that shook India. Siddiqui took a photo for Reuters of a pile of burning batteries in a stadium in Delhi. He also posted this on his social media account. It was this remarkable photo that led the pro-government right wing to launch hateful messages against Siddiqui, many argue. Following the news of Siddiqui’s death, a mocking tweet by the Danish appeared from the same Twitter account that Rana Ayub had criticized. “I hope no one flies a drone for his funeral. Everyone deserves death.” – This was the account tweeted by Eminent Intellectual.

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Who is the Danish Siddiqui?

Danish Siddiqui captured revealing images of the world. The Pulitzer Prize is the largest award given to a journalist in the United States. In 2018, Danish Siddiqui received the Pulitzer Prize for his work in bringing to the world the plight of Rohingya refugees in Myanmar. ‘Through this film you can see the helplessness of a tired and exhausted woman. Not knowing what was happening behind the scenes. This is the frame I wanted to show the world ‘— Danish Siddiqui later said about the Pulitzer Prize-winning film. During the riots in East Delhi, a group of Hindutva activists filmed a Danish film beating a young Muslim man. Films during the riots highlighted the danger of clashes between the Hindu majority and the Muslim minority in India and became a hot topic internationally. Ahmed Danish Siddiqui was born on May 19, 1983. He has a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. He joined Reuters in 2010 after working as a columnist for the Hindustan Times and TV Today. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Rohingya crisis, the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, the Kovid crisis in India and the peasant struggle were all caught on camera. “The images are captured on camera only after a deep understanding of the stories that follow and after careful research. He always focused on the people involved in the news,” say the words of friends and colleagues about the Danish Siddiqui. “I learned ninety percent of photography on my own by doing a lot of experimentation in this area,” the Danish Siddiqui once wrote. ****

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