Who is monitoring Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor’s ‘pregnancy’?

The founders of major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook would never have imagined that it would be used to interfere in one’s personal life. It will be used to troll and harass someone. But in this era it is mainly used for this type of work. In addition to unnecessarily arguing about any topic, some people on social media are also playing the role of ‘mother-in-law’. They are behaving like those women sitting on the street corner, who come out of their house and watch other people’s houses. Talks about what is happening in those houses. Otherwise, what are Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai doing in their lives? How do you wear clothes? pregnant or not? What does this mean to someone? But no, the number of people doing those things on social media is huge.

Such things are happening on social media regarding Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy.

In recent days, two such cases have come to light, in which the mind has become sad after reading people’s comments. I don’t understand if someone is pregnant or not, but why do people have stomach pain? After all, why do some people look for morality sticks to kill everyone? It is a thing of the past. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai returned to the country after vacationing in New York with their daughter Aaradhya. Both were seen at the Mumbai airport. There some people made their video, in which Ash walks hand in hand with his daughter. Mother and daughter are dressed in black. After seeing this, people have started to analyze it in their own way. Behind every action, they have started looking for some ulterior motive. Some people have a problem with Ash walking hand in hand with her daughter, while other people also have a problem with her black clothes.

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Watch the video of the Bachchan family…

A gentleman turned out to be the best analyst. Seeing Aishwarya Rai dressed in black, she wrote that she is pregnant, so she hides her pregnancy by wearing black clothes. He writes on Instagram: “Is Aishwarya pregnant? That’s why she has covered up.” Another gentleman writes: “I don’t understand why these stars hide their pregnancy so much.” Seeing him, he wrote: “Are these people from Saudi Arabia?” Hey brother, only people from Saudi Arabia wear black clothes?Maybe they don’t know that people like me in their country also like to wear black.Seema Kalra writes: “Sweatshirt and coat in such hot weather?”

Seema must know that the flight time from New York to Mumbai is 15 hours. AC works fast on the boat. In such a situation, people who feel cold, those people already carry warm clothes with them. Use it when necessary. In such a situation, it may be that due to the cold, Ash and Aaradhya wore those clothes. Anyway, these people don’t live in 40 degree heat like we do. There are air conditioning installations from your house, car to office. In such a situation, these coats or coats can be worn on anything. Even people’s concern is understandable, but after reading Sonal’s talk, he feels like hitting his head. She writes that children like Aadhya do not have schools, they are always on leave.

Shalini Singh, a user, went even further than Sonal and Seema. She wrote: “Aishwarya’s daughter Aaradhya is missing something in her leg. This is why the mother keeps holding her daughter’s hand all the time.” Bless Dr Sahiba his wisdom is such that he has made such a big assumption by watching the video If you were in the medical profession what would you do If education is in the field then God is the master of your students These social media heroes also include educated and professional people, after listening to whose words they seem to be out of work Otherwise, where do people who suffer from inflation every day have time to talk about these issues?

It was about Aishwarya Rai. A few days ago, Kareena Kapoor was in the spotlight of people in her place. Since the birth of her second child, there is speculation about the arrival of the third. Recently, someone re-launched the rumor that Kareena will be the mother of the third child. What was it then, social media heroes jumped into the fray. When people were not satisfied with his personal mockery, some people also criticized Hindu-Muslims. Seeing the matter escalate, Kareena had to come to the fore as a last resort. Giving a clarification on Instagram, she wrote: “This is the effect of pasta and wine, guys. Calm down… I’m not pregnant… Uff… Saif says he has already contributed a lot to increasing the country’s census. Enjoy it, your Kareena Kapoor Khan.” As soon as people read Kareena’s explanation, they left her and followed Saif. Focused on the census.

After seeing this photo of Kareena, the rumor market heated up.

First Kareena Kapoor, then Saif Ali Khan and now Aishwarya Rai, the way these movie stars’ personal lives are ridiculed on social media cannot be justified from anywhere. Suppose you live in public life. Everyone is curious to know about them. But this does not mean at all that we look at his personal life in such a way that his life is destroyed. They are also human like us. Just as we all cannot tolerate anyone’s interference in our personal lives, those people also want to be allowed to live in peace. If there are any incidents or updates, these stars come forward and tell people about it.

Read below what people have written about Kareena’s pregnancy…

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