Who is number 1 in South or Bollywood? Why do people express anger at John Abraham before the attack?

Who is the best of the southern language and bollywood cinema. This question becomes a burning one after the commercial success of Pan-Indian films from the South. Currently, the success of RRR after Pushpa The Rise has given a new reason for competition and debate. John Abraham seems to be becoming a link in the debate. In fact, the first super soldier movie Attack Part 1 in Bollywood history has been released. It is a movie full of spicy action. John also heavily promoted the film. But in the meantime, one of his statements seems to be openly revealing the hitherto hidden competition between Bollywood and the cinema of the South. The effect of this is that Telugu speakers are targeting John Abraham on social media. The funny thing is that they are also receiving support from a Hindi-speaking group.

In fact, there have been frequent reports in the past that John Abraham is going to do ‘Saalar’ in Telugu with the fame of ‘Bahubali’ Prabhas. Salar is one of those southern movies that will be made and released all over India. In an interview promoting Attack, John was asked a question about Salar, to which he replied that he would never like to be a part of regional cinema. Describing himself as the hero of Hindi movies, John Abraham had said, “I will never do a second lead role just to be part of a movie. I will never be a part of regional movies like other actors just to stay in the business. I will be “. “

John Abraham is in the role of Super Soldier in Attack.

Now the Telugu speakers are considering this statement by John as his cinematographic insult and are trying to prove by all comparisons that the Telugu industry that John Abraham called regional cinema, how powerful it is indeed. Over the last 24 hours, there have been many tweets against John on social media. It also includes Hindi speakers who constantly show their discontent with Bollywood. A user on Twitter, aggregating John’s last 12 movie box collection, claimed that the actor’s last 12 movies did business around Rs 620 crore.

Is Bollywood trying to bridge the language gap of South Cinema?

The user wrote: “He (John) says that I am a Bollywood hero and I don’t want to do Telugu movies. RRR 6 days collection is Rs 670 crore. RRR 6 days is equal to the last 10 years of John Abraham”. Another user on the same platform expressed his anger and wrote, “Telugu industry tier 2 actor collection is more than John Abraham. For information only.” Another user, who shared the figures of the attack and RRR advance sales, wrote: “John Abraham attack is religion and the first day advance sales are Rs 77 lakhs. While RRR 8th day advance sales exceed the 20 million”.

One user even wrote that: “South actors and directors want to establish cinema as a big film industry in India by taking it out of its regional realm. But this John Abraham calls himself ‘Hindi Hero’. That’s the big difference.” between Bollywood and the industry in the South. He’s taking himself as a hero and not as an actor.” One scoffed at John Abraham and said “Who asked you to make a Telugu film after all? Telugu audiences are very fond of cinema. They love any film and have full respect for any film industry other than real . It also shows respect for their culture and their cinema.”

juan-abraham-in-atta_040122053242.jpgattack part 1

The criteria for judging good cinema cannot be your business alone.

Recently, Salman Khan also expressed his surprise at the tremendous business of South movies in the rest of India and questioned why Bollywood movies are not shown there. In general, it is not difficult to understand from the reactions that emanate against John Abraham, how many Telugu speakers took the comments of the actor. However, it cannot be assumed that from the type of reactions that are being seen, the purpose of John’s statement was the same.

Each film industry has its own business system. The film business of the South and its content are comparatively different from the rest of India. Who is the biggest and who is the best: Of course, there are different scales. Box office, story, screenplay, content, star power, etc. There can be many parameters on the basis of which one can be rated as large or small. But in reality it cannot be said that this is so. The box office for many great movies has been very bad.

In the last five to ten years, there have been a lot of movies that people didn’t even know about. It is obvious that the films could not even reach theaters by law. The most important thing about this aspect is that all the films are tremendous in the cinema test. Now, it’s not fair to judge these movies on their box office scale alone. John Abraham himself comes from the South. Although he tried to make a career in the Hindi industry.

It’s John Abraham’s fault to see a role as small or large

By the way, the fact that John Abraham says that he will not do regional cinema just because he will get a second role, as a responsible actor, is absolutely wrong. He may have his own audience as far as business goes, but for an actor, whether a role is big or small can never be an ideal philosophy. Actually, John is talking about ‘Starpower’, that is, stardom. Which has weakened over time. In the era of the best content, the last breath counts. Because now making movies is no longer anyone’s prerogative. Making movies is a product of collective effort. Where there is a collective effort, stardom makes no sense. Now anyone can make good movies. And you can even sell it.

John Abraham should look to the careers of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi and Sanjay Mishra as examples: these actors have managed to leave as strong an impact as supporting actors. Examples can be counted from dozens of movies.

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