Who is Prashant Kishore?

Thomas Joseph

Prashant Kishore has been in the headlines of the Indian media for the past few days. After his talks with Rahul Gandhi, Prashant Kishore joined the Congress. Who is Prashant Kishore? No one else is likely to make such a big move in Indian politics today as Prashant Kishore. He is one of the most strategic electoral strategists the country has ever seen. Or the dunghill that controls political lions. Born in 1977, Prashant Kishore, who was born in 1977, has a long history of working with the United Nations. Kishore, who has been a member of the United Nations for nearly eight years as a public health expert, begins his triumphant journey in Indian politics as the brainchild of Narendra Modi as prime minister. If the BJP comes to power in the 2014 general election, it will be in debt to Prashant Kishore. It is the same intellect behind Modi being the Prime Minister of Gujarat for the third time in a row in the 2012 elections. “He is a super intellectual,” Party Chief Aam Aadmi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in the past. about Prashant Kishore. Yes, that is why each of their political meetings is so well received in the country.

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The genius of electoral politics

The years that have passed in the country have shown that political strategists are more valuable than politicians. The revolutionary invention of the Indian Political Action Committee (ipac) was enough to keep the name of Prashant Kishore alive in Indian politics. Your Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), which started in 2013, will take over everything from your media and advertising business, from political rallies to campaign slogans and social media advertising, etc. An example is the BJP’s “tilt debate” debates in 2014. The IPAC formed during the Bihar elections of 2015 has promoted Nidesh Kumar to the post of Chief Minister for the third time. In 2017, he contested the UP elections with Congress, but succumbed to the rise of the BJP. In 2019, YS Jaganmohan Reddy emerged once again as a political advisor to the IPAC. As a result, Jagan won 151 out of 175 seats and ascended to the Andhra Pradesh throne. Later, after the 2020 elections in Delhi and Bihar, the BJP was defeated in Bengal this year and Mamata Banerjee was re-elected to power, ruling that there was no other strategist who could win in Indian politics once again. Soon after, he joined the DMK and played a pivotal role in bringing MK Stalin to the post of Chief Minister for the first time. Currently, Prashant Kishore is in talks with the President of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, former President Rahul Gandhi and Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi. The High Command estimates that his arrival will be a revival of the crumbling Congress and will help it return to the elections of 2024. That is what opponents are all about. ****

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