Who is Shalini Khanna, who requested to stop the release of ‘The Kashmir Files’

All kinds of controversies are being seen regarding The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Agnihotri. And with this comes to light the story of such martyrdom that perhaps many people do not know. After The Tashkent Files on the assassination of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, Vivek’s second consecutive job is making headlines. The Kashmir Files has been released in theaters today. The film was previously scheduled to open on Republic Day Week, but in anticipation of the third wave, the filmmakers pushed the date back. The Kashmir Files stars Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi, Mithun Chakraborty.

Now that he is in charge, critics have praised him. Vivek Agnihotri has been accused of being a pro-BJP filmmaker. And he doesn’t even hesitate to fabricate arguments in favor of the BJP and his government. His films can be considered daring and because of the way other filmmakers seem to avoid giving political opinions, Vivek does not hesitate to speak out. Also in The Tashkent Files he has challenged all established political perceptions. Especially the leadership of the Gandhi family has been put in the dock.

Vivek’s film is in the news due to petitions in court to stop the release of The Kashmir Files and the film’s promotion on The Kapil Sharma Show. The situation in Kashmir was shown in the film, after which there was a large-scale massacre of Kashmiri Pandits, after which they had to leave the valley. After the film hit the headlines, three characters have come into the spotlight. These three characters are: former terrorist and separatist leader Yasin Malik, Shalini Khanna of Jammu and her husband, Indian Air Force squadron leader Ravi Khanna. How the three characters are used as references in the film, the author of the lines does not know at this time.

The Kashmir Archives

Shalini Khanna, after seeing the film at a special screening on March 4, filed a petition with the court to stop the release. Shalini alleges that her husband has mistakenly appeared in one of the scenes. This point of view is completely out of the facts. Over the objection, the court has ordered the producers to remove the scene. Now the question must arise in her mind: how are the above three characters, including Shalini, connected to The Kashmir Files, which is the story of terrorism and the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits?

Squad leader took 27 bullets from Yasin Malik’s henchmen

In fact, Shalini Khanna’s husband, Ravi Khanna, was an officer in the Indian Air Force as a squadron leader. He was originally from Amritsar in Punjab. Shalini herself was from Jammu. They both got married in 1978. The Indian Air Force officer led a happy life. Meanwhile, in 1987, he was posted to the Valley for Staff College Training. This turned out to be the last publication of his life and he was killed at the hands of terrorists. It is alleged that the terrorist group led by Yasin Malik attacked him.

Yasin had brought the group of terrorists from Hero Honda and Gypsy bike owner. They were all armed with dangerous weapons. The group began firing bullets at Ravi Khanna and his associates. Nirmal himself witnesses the murder. She had said that Yasin Malik had fired 27 bullets at her husband. In addition to Ravi, three other officers were killed in the massacre. About 10 were seriously injured. Nirmal Khanna has had to go through many difficulties after the death of her husband. A year after the massacre, her father-in-law also died.

Nirmal did not receive a pension for more than four years. She had two young children. He had to fight on many fronts for rights. On the one hand to take care of the family, on the other hand to fight for the pension and other things and on the third hand to get martyr status for the husband and have the accused punished for her actions. One may wonder that Ravi Khanna did not gain martyr status until years after his death. His name wasn’t even recorded on the war memorial. The accused wandered. Following the intervention of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, the Air Force awarded the Squadron Leader martyr status after nearly 29 years. After this, Ravi Khanna’s name was also recorded on the War Memorial. The murderers of the husband have not yet managed to get the punishment.

Where is Yasin Malik?

Yasin Malik was the head of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. There are many serious complaints against this organization. Yasin Malik was initially active in political activities. Little by little, he became part of the terrorist organization because of the issue of separatist politics and began to carry out operations in all areas of the valley. During this he committed many crimes. Yasin was arrested by the security forces in 1990. He remained in jail until 1994. After his release, Malik announced to carry on the separatist movement peacefully. The pro-Pakistan terrorist has been demanding independence for both parts of Kashmir.

In the year 2020, the special court indicted Yasin in the murder case of four Air Force officers, including Ravi Khanna. Along with Yasin, six more people have also been charged. Yasin was presented in TADA court and has been in jail ever since. A trial is also underway in the notorious kidnapping case of Rubaiya Saeed of Yasin.

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