Who is the winner of Lock upp Munawar Farooqui who still regrets not sleeping with his mother tonight

Comedian Munawwar Farooqui won the reality show Lock Up. The show, which airs on Alt Balaji and MX Player, was hosted by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. The end occurred on Saturday night. Anjali Arora, Payal Rohatgi, Shivam and Munavvar were the contestants who made it to the finals. Kangana announced Munavvar’s name as the winner. Munavwar, who has been jailed in the case of alleged comments about Amit Shah, is in a big discussion on social media after becoming the winner. Young Munawar’s journey from Haqeeqat prison to the sets of Lockup was incredible. Today they have everything. But a gold on his mother has not left him behind.

By the way, due to stand-up comedy, Munavvar had grabbed the headlines a long time ago. He has more than 2.5 million followers on YouTube. The number of views on Munavvar’s videos is crores. However, controversies have also been seen in his videos and it is alleged that he has religious biases. Deliberately making controversial jokes about Hindus and the BJP. Stand-up comedians always refute accusations. He states that the purpose of pranks is not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but just a joke.

Munnawar Farooqui and Kangana Ranaut. Photo courtesy of Lockup.

Munavvar is of Gujarati origin. He was born in the year 1992 in Junagadh. The comedian has seen many ups and downs in his 30-year logical life. In the lockdown itself, he also held onto many dark aspects of his life for the first time. After learning this, it was learned that the stand-up comedian who tries to make people laugh has his own personal pain in life running deep. At playing age, he had to face problems. Even at the age of six, he had to face sexual abuse through his own relative. Surely this must have affected his childhood.

The relative continued to sexually abuse and Munnawar Farooqui remained silent.

In the dungeon he had said that the process of sexual abuse lasted about five years. Since he was very young and was being exploited by a family member that he could not even describe, he had to face the tragedy for a long time. When things went beyond the limit, he got rid of this pain. Munavvar says that his father also found out about this and was also reprimanded. She was free from the problem of childhood sexual abuse, but the communal riots once again affected her life and her family.

Munavwar’s family lived in Junagadh in his childhood, but in 2002, flames from the Godhra accident spread throughout Gujarat. The comedian claims that his house also burned down in the flames of the riots. And for this reason his family was forced to leave Junagadh. His whole family moved to Dongri, Mumbai. However, even after arriving in Dongri, his family’s problems did not seem to abate. There was a subsistence and employment crisis in the new city. It has been reported in some reports that Munavvar had to sell utensils in his childhood and also had to do graphic work.

Abandoned house in Gujarat riots, discord took mother’s life

Upon reaching Dongri, his mother died before life could be restored once more. It was a huge blow for the comedian. His family had just arrived in Dongri. His age was also very young. Recalling his mother’s suffering in the dungeon, Munnavar said that he had killed himself by drinking acid. Before committing suicide, his mother had not eaten or drunk anything for a week. Munavvar has seen his mother’s suffering up close. His relationship with his father is not normal. There were constant fights between the two. Munavvar has often seen the mother beat. He himself had said that only the mother was to blame for all things in the family.

Although he did not know how many fights to carry the house. The mother somehow raised her sister and her family. There was a food crisis in the house. Even selling utensils and other household items, the mother did her best to support the family. She took loans from people. Munnawar feels that the night her mother drank acid, if he had slept next to her, the accident might not have happened. Stand-up comedians are still worried about the guilt they feel for their mother. And maybe that’s why the relationship with his father is not good.

Munnavar never thought he would ever become a comedian, he just got the chance

Well, it can be understood that in the kind of circumstances that his childhood was going through, it was impossible to have any concrete purpose in Munawar’s life. He at least didn’t know that one day he would be a big name in the world of standup comedy. On becoming a comedian, in The Print, Balraj Singh Ghai, Munnawar’s friend and founder of The Heritage, had said that the sudden opportunity brought him into the world of comedy. What actually happened was that Munavvar was on a set where a stand-up comedy was being filmed. During this, a comedian who could speak a few lines on stage was needed. Unfortunately there was no such thing.

Munnavar was asked and he did it randomly. People liked it a lot and Munnavar got a new and bigger life purpose. Then Munnavar’s name began to appear in the world of stand-up comedy. His YouTube channel is very popular – information given above. There are more on this channel with jokes. Stand up comedians also sing rap. It can be heard on YouTube. Munnavar jokes are also political and religious. There has been an uproar over some of his jokes about gods and goddesses and Hinduism. But the biggest controversy arose when he wrapped the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, along with deities in a video. The issue is from the beginning of the year 2021.

In this case, a complaint was filed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Munawwar was arrested and spent around a month in jail. Following this, in February 2021, he was granted bail by the Supreme Court. The jail-going incident propelled Munawar to the top of popularity overnight. Opposition politics mobilized in his favour. Even in the special media, a section was very supportive of him and called the action motivated by evil. The comedian also considered the action against himself as a political result. He claimed that 15 of his shows were canceled after the incident. In general, Munnavar is usually in churches after being imprisoned.

After a while, he was included in the lockdown as a contestant. The revelations during the show took the fame of her (as she is) to heaven and the results are her becoming the winner. Munnavar is married. She had confirmed it on the show itself. However, citing privacy did not go into much detail. But he definitely he said that the wife lives apart for a year and a half. Some things are in court.

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