Whoever took the happiness of Bollywood on Eid, Hindi cinema seems to be losing what Salman gained!

The Hindi box office does not have the old glamor of Eid, which has always remained special in Bollywood from a commercial point of view. This is the third year in a row due to the Corona epidemic and various reasons that the creators do not get a good Eid from the audience. If we look at the history of Bollywood, then weeks like Republic Day Week, Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas have proven to be the biggest business events. In Hindi cinema, almost all the big movies of the year are released separately about these events. Big stars have also divided these events almost by common consent. Eid is considered an event on the part of Salman Khan.

During the last decade, his films did a huge business on the festive occasion and greatly entertained the audience. Even many of Salman’s movies that turned out to be huge flops against the budget, he also got a wonderful opening on Eid. His weekend business cannot be called bad in any way. It can also be said that Eid has given a new direction to Salman’s career. For example Dabangg in 2010 (winning 14.50 cr on day 1, Bodyguard in 2011 (21.60 cr day), Ek Tha Tiger in 2012 (1st day 32.93 cr), Kick in 2014 (winning 26th day .40 crores), Bajrangi Bhaijaan in 2015 (27.25 crores on day one), Sultan in 2016 (36.54 crores on day one), Tubelight in 2017 (21.15 crores on day one), Race 3 (29. 17 crores) in 2018 and India in 2019 (42.30 crores on the first day). Except one or two, they are all big hits and blockbusters.

The pandemic and the challenge of the South will not be an excuse

Due to the Corona epidemic in 2020 no film of the actor appeared and in 2021 also due to the epidemic he released Radhe directly on OTT at the last moment. Radhe may not have managed to impress the audience, but she did achieve viewership records in the first two days. This time there is a lot of turmoil at the box office on Eid. However, the corona epidemic alone cannot be responsible for this. Because in the epidemic itself, the results of Diwali are also a great example in front of us. Runway 34 and Heropanti 2 were released on the Eid weekend. KGF 2 is already at the box office. The Hindi audience expected better entertainment as per the expectations of both films.

It was due to the expectations of the audience that on the first day the box office of both films was higher than that of KGF 2. Even Heropanti 2 seemed to be taking the lead in the business by a large margin. Earnings from KGF 2 seemed to drop continuously until the Friday after the second weekend. But on the second day, Saturday’s box office took a sudden turn and seems to disappoint Bollywood movies. KGF 2 business, which has been down for five days, can be seen up and running once again on Saturday. According to Taran Adarsh, Saturday’s business is Rs 7.25 crore compared to Friday’s Rs 4.25 crore.

According to Ramesh Bala, the business of Runway 34 on Saturday stood at Rs 5.25 crore with modest growth. Earnings on the first day were below five million rupees. There is a big drop in the business of Heropanti 2. On the second day, the business of the film is said to be Rs 5-6.5 crore in different business reports. While the first day it remained around 8 million rupees. The trend of the three movies is enough to say that Bollywood has dashed the hopes of the Hindi audience regarding Eid. In this way, KGF 2 got a ride from Bollywood on Eid. There should be no doubt about this that Yash’s movie is going to get a big head start.

heropanti-2-650_050122030228.jpgHeropanti 2.

Bollywood missed historic opportunity to prove itself on Eid

Bollywood can certainly be happy that their total collection (including both films) is much higher than KGF 2. But this is not such a positive result as to draw any concrete meaning. The commercial devastation of Bollywood is definitely visible. The question is what happened after, despite the better atmosphere, Bollywood failed to capitalize on Eid and KGF 2, which has weakened at its own box office, is gaining steam. Corona cannot be given an excuse. Because things seem normal and the constant success of Gangubai Kathiawadi, The Kashmir Files, RRR and KGF 2 is great proof of that.

The crash caused the most damage to the devastated Bollywood. The clash of Runway 34 and Heropanti 2 suggests that KGF 2 might have been better paired in the case of an Eid solo release. It was also the need of the hour and it is also like a lesson for the creators of Bollywood in the days to come. Starting in May you see a lot of such clashes between big movies. It must be recognized that if there were no mutual clash, Bollywood would have dominated Eid. Bollywood’s bad luck is that it learns nothing from its lessons. Bollywood has not been able to create a democratic system of liberation. It is being harmed more by its sense of monopoly and its own shortcomings than by the external challenge.


Bollywood couldn’t learn anything from Sooryavanshi’s success, he is distancing himself from his audience

Last year after corona lockdown there were worse conditions on Diwali. But Rohit Shetty somehow managed to release Akshay Kumar’s solo Sooryavanshi. Suryavanshi was a crowd entertainer. Because of this, the audience managed to impress Kallo. If we look at Runway 34 and Heropanti 2, both definitely had the potential for masala entertainment in Heropanti 2 movies. Had it been released on its own, the results would have been very good, but it couldn’t happen. Heropanti 2 did nothing different for aggressive promotions. Second, in the South vs Bollywood debate, the obscenity accusations being made against Bollywood: Heropanti 2 is littered with them in the name of exposure. All the dialogue and double entendre scenes seem to be blocking the way for the family audience.

Also keep in mind that family audiences often visit movie theaters during these events. He doesn’t go out to see the movie every Friday. Before choosing a movie, the family watches its trailer, reads the reviews, and is also influenced by the political discussions that occur around the movie. All three things don’t look in Heropanti 2’s favor. On the other hand, Runway 34 might have appealed to the family audience on Eid, but the second half of the film turned out to be very weak. Actually, both movies were not Eid releases. If a movie like Sooryavanshi had come from Bollywood, the results would certainly have been great. While he doesn’t know how many mass artists he has to show.

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