Why are actresses forced to do such a dangerous photo shoot during pregnancy?

What do pregnant actresses need to be super women? I don’t know what is the compulsion in pregnancy that actresses take so much risk with themselves and with the child that is going to be born. Being a mother is a very special feeling, but to what extent is it right to take risks to make that feeling more special?

Is it normal to stand on your head in the ninth month of pregnancy? Is it common today to pose on the slopes of the mountains during pregnancy or is it the new normal pregnancy to do photo shoot upside down underwater?

Bina Banerjee will soon be a mother

The happiness of being a mother is as much for the common woman as for the actresses. After all, only a woman chooses acting as a career. Pregnancy is a private matter for any woman and no one else has the right to speak about it. We are not at all in favor of judging a woman by her dress. Troll him by making careless comments to him.

Debina Bonnerjee, Gurmeet Choudhary, ebina Bonnerjee headstand in pregnancyLisa Haydon flaunts her baby bump

Although we know that people are interested in the lives of actresses. The girls follow the actress. He copies them and in this matter many times they are also harmed. Hers Anushka Sharma also stood on her head in the eighth month of pregnancy with the help of her husband Virat. She advised other women not to. Perhaps actresses must have had such a compulsion.

Debina Bonnerjee, Gurmeet Choudhary, ebina Bonnerjee headstand in pregnancyAnushka Sharma did a headstand in the eighth month of her pregnancy

Perhaps it is normal for actresses to do all this, since they have a well-deserved team that takes care of them. What do they have to eat, where to go, what to wear, when to sleep, when to get up, what yoga to do, who to talk to? All this work of the actresses is done by their team. On the contrary, when an ordinary woman is pregnant, she is less concerned about her family and more concerned about her family.

Debina Bonnerjee, Gurmeet Choudhary, ebina Bonnerjee headstand in pregnancyThere was a lot of talk about Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy

She also cooks and cleans herself. It is also believed that she should rest during the 3 months of pregnancy and then continue with housework, so that the delivery is normal. Why are we doing such things, let’s say.

Debina Bonnerjee, Gurmeet Choudhary, ebina Bonnerjee headstand in pregnancySameera Reddy did underwater pregnancy photoshoot

In reality, Debina Banerjee is soon to become a mother. We are all very happy about her pregnancy. Recently, Debina had a headstand in her ninth month of pregnancy. She is doing this yoga alone without any support, although her husband Gurmeet is standing near her and keeping an eye on her. This image went viral on social media. Fans were shocked to see this. The reason for his surprise was Debina’s exercise. Fans commented and asked Debina, what was the need for her to do such a dangerous stunt in her ninth month of pregnancy?

So much risk for a single photo?

The fans say you’re fit, we like you, but it can be very risky to do this right now. This is not correct for both the child and the mother. Although Debina has said in her post that ‘I’m doing this before I got pregnant, so nothing happened. When life turns you upside down, adjust your attitude. I think that by doing this you can get a good photo.

Debina Bonnerjee, Gurmeet Choudhary, ebina Bonnerjee headstand in pregnancy What do pregnant actresses need to be super women?

Now imagine how many women follow actresses who do this. These women do not have any special equipment. Neither husband is as supportive as doing yoga together. If these women also started copying Debina.

There is no doubt that ordinary women are greatly influenced by the lives of actresses. She copies everything from clothes to makeup to products to styles.

Is it okay to post it on social media after working out? Even before this, Debina Banerjee had shared a video, in which Ella Gurmeet’s husband is seen wearing heels. Even then people said it’s not safe to wear high heels right now…

It’s fine that women can do anything, they are not less than anyone, but there is no need to be powerful all the time. When you need to rest, you must. You understand your body better, so don’t copy actresses just for show, or it may be fatal for you…

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