Why do people want to see actors so thin? Mohanlal is doing an amazing job even at 61

Bahubali gave Prabhas great recognition throughout the country. Not only was his performance in the fictional period drama wonderful, the look was also impressive. He was also seen doing a surprising action. Prabhas is among the actors of the South whose aptitude and appearance are always praised. However, due to the actor’s appearance in the past, he was seen being the victim of ‘bodily embarrassment’. Actually, the actor had come to Mumbai in connection with a project. Her weight gain photos caught the attention of people on the internet. Prabhas seemed different and became a topic of discussion. They made fun of him a lot. Many memes about him appeared on social media. One thing was shown throughout the episode that many people like Prabhas’s slim avatar. Why and how the actor gained weight is a later topic. Right now the question is, why do people want to see movie stars so thin? Is there a difference in your talent and performance?

Fat actors also look as effective, successful and beautiful as heroes as they are slim. All the actors are showing their skills even with a heavy body. Despite being slim, it is still relevant. His activism is worth seeing and remains a challenge for young actors. Constantly making benchmarks as well. Among them, Mohanlal, the mega-star of the Malayalam industry, is the most important. Mohanlal is 61 years old and has been active as an actor for the past four decades. They are not thin. Nor is it that the current body structure is from now on. The way Mohanlal looks, save for a slight difference, has always been almost like this and has ruled the hearts of the audience.

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Despite her massive body and longevity, her relevance never seems to end. Mohanlal, who once made more than 10 movies in a year, still looks very active compared to any young actor. Currently, its seven major projects are in the post-production, shooting and pre-production phase. His suspenseful thriller drama Drishyam 2 was released this year. Like Drishyam, his second part was also highly praised. Especially Mohanlal’s work. However, after the Corona epidemic, there has been a slight break in the actor’s cinematic speed. From 2020 until now, he has only had two films with Drishyam 2. Mohanlal seems to have vehemently rejected the irrational imperative of movie stars to look skinny. He is seen carrying films on his shoulder, that too with a heavy body. The success of Drishyam 2 and many of its films in recent years is a clear example of this.

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Photo of Prabhas courtesy of Twitter.

Actually, the actor has no obligation to be thin. Be it actor or actress, it is a prerequisite in the nature of the entertainment world, action and romance are two of those Indian cinema themes that attract many producers. Most of the movies are also written around young characters, covering them. The mandatory tradition of having skinny actors for such roles began. This tradition is seen everywhere in movies in Hindi and in regional languages. In such films, along with the talent of the heroes, their physical presence also becomes very important. But whenever stories have been given importance, such conditions have been rejected. Regardless of the language of film and industry, they can. If you watch Mohanlal’s films, then the roles are written by watching him and he is also making it successful. Aamir also molded himself into a similar role written for Dangal and raised the banner of success.

Except for actresses, there was no meaning of physical appearance in Hindi cinema at one point. Despite being fat, many older actors were always seen working seriously. Sanjeev Kumar is the best example who looked completely different physically among his contemporary actors, but he made a tremendous impression with his performance. He did all kinds of characters. It doesn’t matter if Prabhas or any actor is thin or fat. It means whether you impressed people by doing your job correctly or not. Well now is the time for experimentation, experiments are being done on stories. The actors are portrayed differently in the same movie. The actors are trying the physical transformation for that. As far as the latter’s look goes, this transformation is only for a highly anticipated project, and not because he gained weight while sitting locked up.

The Prabhas makeover being discussed is reportedly actually related to the mythological film Adipurush. Prabhas is playing the role of Lord Rama in Aadipurush. Recently, she had come to Mumbai in this regard and rehearsed the project with her co-stars Kriti Sanon and Sunny Singh. Aadipurush is a very big project. Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Ravana. Rather than mocking Prabhas on appearance, his hard work should be respected.

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