Why does Anupama’s misery not end, she has new in-laws but the same problem!

Anupama’s pain is that it does not end. If she defeats one battle, another is ready. If she beats the second, she gets the turn of the third. A divorcee, mother of three and soon-to-be grandmother has just given her life another chance on Star Plus’s favorite show, Anupama. Anupama married Anuj regardless of her age and she thought of herself, she thought of her happiness. Now, will she be able to obtain happiness from her in the time to come or will she spend her life in tension? If she had to remain unhappy, it would have been better for her to go ahead alone.

At this time Anupama Anuj’s wedding rituals have been completed. She has left the house of her old in-laws and has come to the house of her new in-laws with Anuj. For now everything is fine. Anupama is celebrating the honeymoon in Mumbai with her Anuj, but in the next few days there is going to be a storm in her life.

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Yes, Anupama’s new in-laws are going to make fun of her for being middle class. Members of the Kapadia family are going to enter the show. The promotion for the next episode has also appeared. In which three new characters appear. Kapadia’s eldest son and his wife come to Anuj and Anupama from America with a girl (Alma Hussain). That is, all family members live together in the same house.

I don’t want to see Anupama sad, upset, helpless and defenseless.

In the upcoming show, Anupama will be shown to once again try to win the hearts of her in-laws. She does her best to make a place for herself in the heart of Bhaiya-Bhabhi (Rohit Bakshi and Ashlesha Sawant). However, the sister-in-law does not like Anupama’s middle-class habits. She is annoyed by Anupama’s native dialect, lifestyle, and food.

She will be seen interrupting Anupama in everything. In one scene, the sister-in-law is shown going with Anupama to a shopping mall, where Anupama takes out the carrying bag, in which the sister-in-law says that she should give up middle-class habits now. It is the Kapadia family. she’s going to cut off their noses. However, Anupama answers them in her own way.

So much has been understood that it is generally a matter of getting stuck on the dates that have fallen from the sky. When one of the in-laws left, the other got an even bigger one. After all, how long will Anupama stay with this problem? He will remain in such tension. He will continue to face the same difficulties. Something creators need to get right. Well, it is true that after marriage, challenges are presented in front of the girl. Without this spice, the audience will also start to get bored. We’ve always had a habit of looking at women like that.

The public now wants to see Anupama, who has been in trouble for years, happy. At the same time, Anupama can be seen once again adjusting and changing according to her new in-laws. I don’t feel like seeing Anupama sad, upset, helpless and defenseless now. Why are women like Anupama born?

Anupama’s motive was to advance in life. In other in-laws also the same pain, the same crying and washing, so as not to see the same swollen and sad face. Now the real test is for Anuj, it remains to be seen if she keeps her mouth shut in front of her family or supports Anupama.

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