Why does Sudhir Gupta think Aamir Khan should only sell eggs?

In Uttar Pradesh, the debate has intensified after the draft of the Population Control Act of the government of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The opposition is seeing this by linking it to the BJP’s Hindutva agenda, while the BJP is hell-bent on testing the draft as a necessary step for the future of the country. The era of rhetoric has begun. Even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi coined the motto of Sabka Saath and Sabka Vikas with open platforms, but his own MP wants to secure a place to sell eggs for “Aamir Khans” in everyone’s development. He also believes that because of people like Aamir Khan in the country, the population explosion situation was created. And strict provisions must be made to stop it in other states around the country as well.

After all, what else did the BJP deputy say? Sudhir Gupta is a BJP MP from Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh. He used harsh words about Muslims about the creation of Pakistan and about Aamir Khan under the pretext of the population explosion. He said: “It is very clear that eventually we will have to think one day or another. I have seen it many times, the land of India has not increased an inch and the population has reached 140 million rupees now. Congratulations, and if we look back, in the partition that was made, more land was lost, but the population was smaller, but those shameless people who pushed them back did not return the land for that.

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“But this is a shameful world. And how much will be debated about the place of Pakistanis in this. But if we look from the perspective of India, right now the hero of the people is Aamir Khan. The first wife Reena with her two children. Second wife Kiran Rao with her son, where will she wander? She is not worried. But Dada Amir is busy on the third search. This is India’s message to the world. ” Sudhir Gupta also said that the population in India is increasing because of people like Aamir. These people don’t have the wisdom of anything other than selling eggs. In the same job, these people need to pay attention. Although the BJP has not supported this statement, many party leaders have agreed with Sudhir Gupta’s opinion. You will also see many leaders taking sides on social media.

What Sudhir Gupta Said – You can hear it in the video-

There is no reason to disagree with Sudhir Gupta’s harsh views. What will Aamir Khan do? The country’s constitution does not give you the right to change the course of your life.

Aamir Khan on target after separation reports

In reality, Aamir Khan has been on target for people backed by BJP and Sangh for the past few days. Aamir Khan has previously given a statement on the alleged anti-Muslim policy in India. There was a lot of uproar in his statement. During his visit to Turkey a few months ago, he met First Lady Emin Erdogan. After which he had become the target of the people. Over the past few months, the President of Turkey has been seen openly engaging in politics at the international level regarding Muslim religious issues. Aamir recently announced the separation from his second wife, Kiran Rao. Both husband and wife had announced their separation by issuing a joint statement. Since the announcement, Aamir has stayed on target for the people.

So is Modi-Bhagwat’s motto ostentatious?

BJP and Sangh have always been accused of anti-Muslim politics. On the other hand, the party has always tried to integrate it into nationalism and indigence. Recently RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had strongly turned the DNA debate in favor of this Indianness. He tried to say whether Hindu or Muslim. The DNA of all residents of India is the same. Bhagwat meant that the ancestors and culture of Hindus and Muslims in India are the same. By adopting some other religion, this does not end. Modi had coined the motto “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” and won an overwhelming majority. But from Sudhir Gupta’s statements, it seems that these people will split.

There is a lot of debate on social media about UP population recruitment. Talks are taking place from both sides and from the opposition. Islamic religious leaders have also condemned the draft. It is called an electoral stunt. Some people find the bill unnecessary when posting fertility rate figures in Muslim-majority states like Lakshadweep, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir on social media. While in states like UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra, arguments are being made to wildly increase the population. The general policy has increased. People who say it right or wrong are creating a sensation with pointless arguments to prove their point. It is from both sides.

Now, who will decide the future of any citizen of the country who sells eggs or makes movies? Himself or people like Sudhir Gupta. Certainly, people like Sudhir Gupta have no right to determine this.

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