Why does Urfi Javed want to be Bhumi Pednekar?

Some bold images of Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar are making headlines on social media. Being trolled by her fashion sense. Bhumi Pednekar wears a blue sari with a maroon deep-necked blouse. This blouse itself has become a bone of contention. After which Bhumi is compared to Urfi Javed, who shares similar images. Urfi has been part of some series and Bigg Boss. But, her fame is only from the shared photos of her on Instagram. Faced with such a situation, the question arises that despite having a decent film career, why does Bhumi Pednekar want to become Javed? Commenting on women’s clothing on social media isn’t new, but Bhoomi’s case is a bit different.

These images of Bhumi Pednekar have been reaching people in one way or another through different platforms.

Before I go any further on this topic let me make a few things clear, I have no problem with Bhumi Pednekar showing or not showing her cleavage. Some tips will also be given that women should not wear such clothes. Because, when it comes to clothes. So, it’s her body, her choice and it’s her choice. Not only this, I’m not even advocating what kind of clothes women should wear. Because, let’s talk about clothes. So, it depends on your choice. What clothes do women want to wear? And what suits them best?

My problem is only with these ridiculous photos of Bhumi Pednekar. Who are eager to show their cleavage to everyone in the name of fashion sense and daring. Because, even if someone doesn’t follow Bhumi on Instagram. But these photos of him are reaching people in one way or another through different platforms. And, it is not necessary that the people he is reaching out to. All of them should be interested in Bhumi Pednekar’s cleavage. Simply put, a large part of society may feel uncomfortable when these images of Bhumi Pednekar suddenly come to light.

Bhumi Pednekar has not released these public interest images under any sex education programme. For it to be explained to any part of society that division is not something to be kept hidden. Bhumi Pednekar must have clicked these pictures in her career to look better than competing actresses. So these could be photos from her personal portfolio. However, she has posted it on Instagram. And it is believed that everyone will like these photos of him.

Here I am not judging Bhumi Pednekar’s dress. But, on her own Instagram account, a user Anupama Saini writes that Most of the Bollywood actresses show their cleavage in the name of fashion in this way. They think it’s fashionable. And, we give them many likes and seal it. Being modern doesn’t mean decency and decency should be put on hold. It is possible that the wedding that Bhumi Pednekar is going to. According to that place, that dress doesn’t matter. But, when it comes to social media, know that social means social. There is a difference between fashion and forced fashion.

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