Why doesn’t Bollywood give up its fascination with Hindi remakes of South Cinema in the age of Pan India movies?

A Hindi remake of southern movie superstar Suriya’s Tamil film ‘Soorarai Potru’ is in the works. Actors Akshay Kumar and Radhika Madan will be seen in lead roles in this Bollywood movie. Hindi dubbed version of Tamil movie ‘Soorarai Potru’ is now available on Amazon Prime Video TT platform. People have seen it a lot too. The film has an IMDb rating of 9.1/10, from which the popularity of the film can be gauged. In such a situation, the big question is why is the Hindi remake of this movie being made? After all, why can’t Bollywood give up its fascination with Hindi remakes of Southern films? Coming soon too, a lot of remake movies will be released. Let us understand what will be the result of them.

The main reason behind making Hindi remakes of super hit South Cinema movies is the tremendous success and interesting history of these movies in their native language. Faced with such a situation, Bollywood filmmakers, without much effort, achieve such a story, whose success is more guaranteed. Since the great movie superstars of the South have worked on these films, even the great Bollywood actors immediately agree to act in them. Otherwise, first finding an interesting story, then working on its script, and then selecting the desired actors is a big challenge for the filmmakers. Take for example the Tamil movie ‘Soorarai Potru’.

Superstar Suriya’s Tamil film ‘Soorarai Potru’ is getting a Hindi remake, the name of which has yet to be finalized.

The movie ‘Soorarai Potru’, released in the year 2020, is inspired by the story of GR Gopinath, the founder of Simplyfly Deccan (Air Deccan). The film was to be released in theaters, but the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic ruined the filmmakers’ plans. The film was eventually released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video along with Tamil in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. After the broadcast of the movie, it got a tremendous response. Seeing this, the movie became the most watched movie of the year 2020. It got more than 10 million views on OTT. So far, the most watched movie in theaters is ‘Bahubali 2’, which has been seen by 5.2 million people. In such a situation, it can be estimated from the opinions of ‘Soorarai Potru’ that if this film had been released in India, it would have won as ‘RRR’ and ‘KGF’.

The story of the film is that of a young man who dreams of opening his own airline, where he can make the poor fly. The efforts made by him to fulfill his dream, the ups and downs that come in his life, are shown in this movie. He has gained popularity due to the story of the movie and the excellent performance of a superstar like Suriya. Now Bollywood is preparing to capitalize on this popularity. Since the movie is streaming only on OTT, the fun of watching it on the big screen will be different. Bollywood creators understand this, because so far most of the remakes of South movies have been super successful.

Well, the trend of remake movies is not new in Bollywood. Remake movies have been made for a long time. Great Bollywood stars have worked on this. Jitendra, popularly known as Jumping Jack, only worked on more than 50 remake movies. Except for the official remakes, there are dozens of movies that were copied from Hollywood and the South. Movies that didn’t copy well, theft was detected and famous Bollywood directors tarnished. Sanjay Gupta brought it to life in Hindi after watching ‘Old Boy’ in 2003. But due to illegal copying, he had to face many difficulties. It is a fact that most of the Hindi remake movies have become very popular.

Every year an average of 200 films are released in Bollywood, of which 40% are remakes. 80 per cent of the films that enter the 100 crore club are pan South Indian or a remake of a southern film. Most of Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan’s movies are remakes. Salman Khan’s ‘Bodyguard’ (2011) The South film ‘Bodyguard’ (2010), ‘Wanted’ (2009) The Telugu film ‘Pokri’ (2006), Jai Ho (2014) is a Hindi remake of the Telugu film Stalin (2006). Similarly, Ajay Devgan’s film ‘Drishyam’ (2015) is a Malayalam film with the same name. Akshay Kumar’s box office hit Rowdy Rathore (2012) is a Hindi remake of the Telugu film Vikramarkudu (2011).

Right now in Bollywood, a lot of remake movies are in the works. Akshay Kumar is working on Suriya’s Tamil film ‘Soorarai Potru’. Salman is also very impressed with Thalapathy Vijay’s Master film and wants to make it in Hindi. In Tiger Shroff’s Rambo remake, Deepika Padukone wants to work on The Intern remake. Aamir Khan has played Lal Singh Chaddha in the Hollywood movie ‘Forrest Gump’. The film was scheduled to be released on March 25, but the release date has been extended to avoid box office crashes. Similarly, it has been announced that he will do Drishyam 2, Singham 3, U turn, Vikram Vedha, Kaithi in Hindi. Big Bollywood stars will also be seen working on these films.

In this age of pan-Indian movies, what is the need to make a remake? When will the people of Bollywood accept that the mood and taste of the audience to watch the movie has completely changed? Now, success cannot be achieved by making films according to the established formula. Nor can remakes and biopics achieve the same box office success as before. Southern filmmakers have gotten smart. They have understood that the release of Pan India movies increases the variety of earnings. That is why now most of the movies are made and released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages ​​while Bollywood is still trying to find a formula to earn without working hard.

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