Why doesn’t Bumra’s ball swing? Aakash Chopra reveals the reason !!

New Delhi: He is the most coveted bowler in limited overs cricket. The player, who did not perform as well as expected in Trials, was also criticized after the World Trials Championship final. The former Indian cricketer now explains why Bumrah failed to shine on swing throws in England. Chopra said the ball didn’t swing because Bumra’s hands were stretched out. The ball goes that way because the hands stay straight. In English pitches the ball must move more. This is because the ball will drop quickly after being thrown. Chopra said it would be easier for the batter if the ball didn’t move. Bumrah did not take a single spot in the Test Championship final against New Zealand. This was considered a reason for the final defeat. Some former players have said the loss was due to the fading of Bumra, the Indian bowler. There was a lot of criticism that Bumra was included only on the basis of fame and did not consider the shape of the star.

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With the test series against England, Chopra hopes that Bumra will overcome all the high criticism leveled against him. Those who criticize Bumra should be a little more patient. The star can answer everything. Don’t evaluate a bad game and score the boomerang. Chopra said he did not want to monitor Bumra’s performance any more.

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