Why don’t theater owners want to see Kangana Ranaut’s movie Thalaivi?

What does an actor need? The answer would be that more and more people should see your work. He obtained fame and wealth. He and his work should be encouraged more and more, but an actor feels bad when he has worked hard but no one is ready to show his work. The condition of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is making headlines every day for one reason or another, is similar. The only requirement is that you have done a great job on your next film and you should be given space to show it. Thalaivi, the biopic of J Jayalalithaa, a former chief minister of Tamil Nadu who has done politics throughout the South, especially in Tamil Nadu, thanks to the force of her aura, is ready for its theatrical release. Kangana has the lead role in the film, but the film is in controversy even before its release. After which the producers, including Kangana, are faced with all kinds of challenges. Theater owners are avoiding showing the film, so they have to deal with Kangana and her anger.

What is happening with Thalaivi is clear that Kangana Ranaut’s problems are not going to end.

Kangana has made a big accusation of the theater owners and said that her film is being deliberately given fewer screens. In view of the matter, Kangana has posted a video on her Instagram profile. In the video, Kangana asks the multiplexes owners to support her, the producers and directors at this difficult time and the film should receive the same treatment it deserves.

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Kangana has written on her Instagram that, ‘Please support each other at this difficult time. No movie will be released in theaters. Only a few films are such that they have the power to be released in theaters. As the producers of my film are thinking about taking the risk of releasing the film in theaters by making all kinds of compromises. This has only been possible thanks to your love for cinema.

At the same time, Kangana has also accused the multiplex of fractionalism. Kangana has said that in the Hindi belt we have a two week window, while in Tamil this window is 4 weeks. In such a situation, it is our fundamental right to compensate for our loss. Significantly, after the Corona virus hit in India, there were many sectors that were affected. But the sector that suffered the most was Bollywood or the film industry.

In the past, the creators of ‘Thalaivi’ had decided to release the film on OTT first in view of the situation of the corona virus epidemic. Meanwhile, his conversations with the theater owners continually developed and there came a time when the film’s producers had to accept the term and condition of the theater owners. Note that the corona virus has not yet been eradicated from the country.

Then the cases began to arrive. In such a situation, the concern of the theater owners is also unavoidable. And perhaps this is the reason why theaters are making the decision to give less screen space to Thalaivi. As we have mentioned, Kangana faces new challenges due to Thalaivi.

What are these challenges like? It can also be measured by the fact that Kangana had set up Instagram in the past. Something happened that Kangana wanted to share the link of the Thalaivi trailer in the biography of his Instagram account which did not happen. Kangana got very angry at this Instagram feature and called the app unprofessional.

Interestingly, in Kangana’s case, she is saying what she thinks about this ‘unprofessional’ in light of her upcoming movie Thalaivi.

However, now that the clouds of crisis have deepened over Thalaivi, then the audience that reaches the box office will decide whether this famous film is a success or a failure, but the attitude that Kangana has about her film, it can be said that Kangana Thalaivi She will die only after being beaten throughout the north of the south.

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