Why is Aamir Khan not ashamed to tearfully share Garibi Purana for Lal Singh Chaddha?

So, Aamir Khan’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty. The condition of Mr. Bollywood Perfectionist’s family was such that there was no money to even pay Aamir and his brothers’ fees on time. His childhood was spent in a desperate situation. It’s hard to imagine how horrible that situation must have been. The wounds are still green and the pain is so deep that the actors are moved to remember them. He has it all today. But the problems he faced in childhood still haunt him. When Lal Singh Chaddha is released, the actor recalls the bad experiences of childhood.

In fact, Aamir Khan told in an interview that in his childhood due to the financial limitations of the house, he could not even deposit school fees. Regarding the promotion of Lal Singh Chaddha, the actor shared many things in an interview with “Humans of Bombay”. His family was heavily in debt. For eight years he saw a very bad stage. The condition was that his father could not pay even the nominal school fees on time. While the fare was 6 rupees for class VI, 7 rupees for class 7 and 8 rupees for class VIII.

According to Aamir, he and his siblings were always late in paying their school fees due to lack of money at home. It would have been that before they would have been warned by the school management. And yet, if the fees could not be paid on time, then his name would have been taken publicly at the school assembly. It has been a very painful experience for Aamir. He has told stories about his father’s poor financial situation in some interviews even before this one. When Mr. Perfectionist was narrating this story, he became so moved that tears began to appear in his eyes.

Aamir Khan in Laal Singh Chaddha.

Meet the family of ‘poor’ Aamir who had come to Mumbai from UP

The actor’s family roots are from the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. There is a town called Shadabad in Hardoi. The ancestors of this actor lived as landlords. Even today, the actor’s ancestral home and land holdings are present in Shadabad. His ancestral house is built on about ten bighas of land. Another thing is that due to lack of maintenance, this place now looks almost like a ruin. Aamir’s grandfather’s name was Jafar Hussain Khan. Jafar Saheb had three sons: Bakar Hussain Khan, Nasir Hussain Khan, and Tahir Hussain Khan. Aamir is the son of Tahir Hussain.

Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, who gained great recognition from the Khilafat movement, and many other stalwarts were his relatives. Many wealthy relatives of Amir went to Pakistan during the Partition. But his family thought it was better to stay here. Nasir Hussain Khan was the first in the actor’s family to arrive in Mumbai. He is the eldest father of the actor. Nasir had become one of the biggest Bollywood writers, producers and directors in the 1950s. He produced many blockbuster movies one by one. The level of producer and director Nasir Hussain must have been guessed only by the fact that such stars as Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Shammi Kapoor and Jitendra worked on his films in Mumbai from the very beginning. Salim Javed, who became famous as the most famous writer of the time, was writing the stories for his films.

Nasir Hussain had reached such a position in 1973 that he had changed the face of Hindi masala films by making musical and multi-star blockbusters like “Yaadon Ki Baaraat”. The effect of him can be seen in later movies. As a producing director, Nasir gave dozens of excellent films in his career. Nasir’s feet froze in Bollywood. He had also called his brother, ie Aamir’s father, Tahir Hussain, in Mumbai. Aamir Khan was born in 1965. Tahir Hussain had arrived in Mumbai much earlier. Before Aamir’s birth, Tahir made many films on the producing and acting front. These include blockbuster movies from that time such as Teesri Manzil, Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai, and Pyaar Ka Mausam.

Aamir couldn’t even pay school fees. Isn’t that a lewd joke?

When Aamir was only six years old, his father had made a thriller – Caravan with actors like Jitendra and Asha Parekh as producer. It was a musical box office success of its time. The best songs like Chadti Jawaani Meri Chaal Mastani, Goriya Kahan Tera Desh, Kitna Pyara Vaada Hai and Pita Tu Ab To Aaja… are from this movie. Tahir made half a dozen films as a producer until 1980 with Bollywood’s best star cast, singer and musician. In addition to Caravan (1971), Anamika (1973), Madhosh (1974), Zakki (1975), the Gujarati film Janam Janam Na Saath (1977), and Khoon Ki Pukar (1978) can be included. Even after this, he has produced four movies.

Overall, based on Aamir’s birth, there is a possibility that when the actor and his siblings could not pay even 6 rupees fees in school, his father and elder father invested lakhs of rupees in big movies in Bollywood. building. Is it possible that the family that does not have money to pay for the expenses of the children, is investing in consecutive movies at the same time? It may also be that Aamir’s father is really worried, but his older father, Nasir Hussain, is almost a showman in his time. The socioeconomic system of his family also seems almost joint.

In 1988, as a producer, Nasir Hussain is launching Aamir through ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ by investing thousands of rupees, but he does not pay the fees of Aamir and his brothers in childhood. After a few years, Nasir also made a successful movie as Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar for Aamir. Now it is difficult to understand how and how Aamir’s childhood was spent in poverty. Aren’t they resorting to lies to project themselves as common Indians?

lal singh chaddhaAamir Khan.

While even leaving the Mumbai front, Aamir’s family did not lose their ancestral property despite being evicted from Shadabad. His family and relatives still own hundreds of lands in the town. The lands have been written a few years ago in the name of Aamir and his brother, to the trust formed in the name of his sister. There have also been reports of disputes over some land. There seems to be no such thing related to Aamir’s socio-economically wealthy family that can be believed in his “Garibi Purana”.

Is Aamir Lal Singh spreading hypocrisy to sell Chaddha?

To a large extent, it looks like this. In Bollywood, to connect the public with themselves, the biggest superstars often narrate stories of their struggle. Now only the stars involved should know how true she is. But as far as Aamir Khan is concerned, he is known for different promotions. If the account of his promotional stunts is brought out in a few years, then the case study that will be prepared may surprise even the greatest PR strategists. Laal Singh Chaddha will hit theaters on August 11. But the film faces tremendous opposition. One section assumes that the negative campaign is sponsored.

Aamir’s attempt is to squeeze out the ‘reverse emotion’ that can be created for his good images with the help of negative campaigns. Looking at Aamir’s attractiveness, it seems as if he is resorting to sentimentality by presenting himself as the victim. If he looks closely at the actor’s promotions for Lal Singh Chaddha, then his efforts are clearly visible. The film has collected an amount of Rs 8 crore for pre-booking, about a week before its release. This amount of pre-booking well in advance of release is enough to say that Aamir has made a good opening at the box office for Lal Singh Chaddha. If the content of the film is even slightly entertaining, then Aamir will easily take it to the sidelines. Anyway, Lal Singh Chaddha is the official remake of Forrest Gump.

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