Why is Arjun Kapoor, who is ‘angry’ at the Boycott campaign, hell-bent on playing in a Bollywood band?

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is very furious about the trend of boycotting Bollywood movies. Arjun Kapoor’s anger was also seen in his words in a recent Bollywood Hungama interview. Arjun Kapoor says that ‘we (Bollywood) made a mistake by staying calm about the boycott trend. And, that was our decency. But, people have started to take advantage of it. This is happening more now. Which is wrong. The people of Bollywood will have to unite against the boycott campaign. And, something has to be done about it. Because, if the mud is thrown off continuously, then the new car will also lose a bit of shine, won’t it? We have faced a lot of mud in recent years. Because, we had turned our backs on this side.

Let’s just say that the boycott trend for Aamir Khan’s long-awaited film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ has put it on the flop row. Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Rakshabandhan’ has also become a victim of this boycott trend. In simple words, the Boycott Bollywood trend has brought strength in the foreheads of all the people associated with the film industry. Even from the movie ‘Brahmastra’ to ‘Pathan’ which will be released in the next few days, the boycott threat is looming. And, this statement from Arjun Kapoor proves that he has taken the contract to play in a Bollywood band.

How will the ‘heroes’ of failed movies teach the public a lesson?

Bollywood actor who despite making 18 movies could only give 4 semi hits (short of the hit movie title). And, whose last 10 movies have been a continuous flop without any boycott tendencies. Provides insight into the Arjun Kapoor boycott trend. And, let’s talk about showing solidarity with the people of Bollywood. After all, what will happen if you speak in solidarity? At the behest of Arjun Kapoor, Bollywood people will not be able to import ‘Klasnikov’ from abroad like KGF 2’s Rocky Bhai and bring them to the cinema by putting them in the audience’s head. What audience will go to see Bollywood movies after hearing such threats?

There will hardly be two opinions on the matter that the anger of Bollywood fans, who are stirred by the things related to the country and the insulting of Hindus in Bollywood, should only be fueled by such things from Arjun Kapoor. Because Arjun Kapoor will walk away saying anything. But, the upcoming Bollywood movies will stall. Anyway, none of his films have become box office hits. Yeah, there was definitely a discussion about a Gunday movie. But, the Gunday movie wasn’t his solo movie either. Ranveer Singh was with her in that movie. Along with this, a big star like Irrfan Khan was also in that movie.

Hardly any film by Arjun Kapoor, which gave 10 consecutive failures, would have had to face the boycott trend.

By the way, Arjun Kapoor should first remove from his mind the illusion that he is one of the most promising or watchable actors in Bollywood, given the history of continuous failure of his previous films. And, from his first film, Ishaqzaade, to the premiere of Aaj Tak Kabhie Arjun Kapoor’s film on Friday, the spark, the euphoria and the enthusiasm for the film is nowhere to be seen. He is not a Bollywood star. Yes, it can definitely be said that he is the son of the great Bollywood filmmaker Boney Kapoor.

questions will be asked

By the way, the question should be put to Arjun Kapoor, who is talking about the boycott trend today, when a section was openly posting the boycott trend on social media regarding the movie The Kashmir Files. So no Bollywood star was worried about boycott culture. Why was it like this?

Bollywood stars are ahead of the game by putting the onus on the audience to boycott their movies and playing the victim card. But why avoid talking about the real reason? When it’s becoming fashionable to boycott movies about things being done against the country and the Hindu religion, then why is it presented as a personal attack? Why not stop spreading anti-Hindu narratives through movies?

If Arjun Kapoor is so worried about the boycott trend, why doesn’t he try to unite people in the film industry about the nepotism that has taken root in Bollywood? So that new talents can come forward and succeed in Bollywood. Why seasoned actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui get success after facing so many obstacles?

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