Why is South Cinema a success? Answer: Chiyan Vikram has ‘bitten’ ‘Cobra’!

Laal Singh Chaddha in Dhakad, Samrat Prithviraj, Heropanti 2, Runway, Rakshabandhan and the latest. All the great Bollywood movies have failed at the box office. The reason is not just the Bollywood boycott campaign that is running on social media. From Bollywood movie scripts to nepotism and starcasting, there are many such things. The audience that came to the theater after seeing them feels cheated. Movies are constantly getting beat up. Negative reviews come one after another. But as is the attitude of Bollywood producers and directors, they don’t mind such things. On the other hand, when we go to the theater in the South and pass Liger, then it is not so there. The finer details are being analyzed not only by the producers, directors and actors. Rather, they are getting better. The negative reviews that are coming to the movies are taken into account and in the next movie, taking lessons from the previous movie, the flaws are ironed out. What level of hard work is South Cinema doing? We can easily understand it from Chiyan Vikram’s scenario and his Cobra movie. Chiyan Vikram has ‘cut’ ‘Cobra’ at the request of the audience.

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The decision made by Chiyan Vikram in view of Cobra is historic in many ways.

The highly anticipated movie Vikram by Tamil superstar Chiyan Vikram and Srinidhi Shetty opened in theaters the day before. Although the movie has the green signal from the fans and they have regarded it as entertainment. But some people argue that the cobra is a bit long. What is mocking Now imagine if this happened in a Bollywood movie, what would the producers and directors do?

The answer is nothing. Bollywood background used to be very straight. Perhaps the audience would have been told that if you want to watch, then watch or else it doesn’t matter. But this was not the case in Chian’s case. She fully respected the feelings of the audience and reduced the time of the film. The total duration of COBRA has been reduced by 20 minutes.

The creators of the film have announced on Twitter that they have reduced Cobra to 20 minutes a day after its release. The creators shared a note. He has shared a note that read, “#Cobra is now 20 minutes long as suggested by moviegoers, fans, media friends, distributors, and exhibitors. It will be updated on all screens starting tonight.”

The question is, is this an easy task? No. This is because every time a movie is released, the filmmakers are concerned that only the final product be brought to the public. In such a situation, the mere fact that the film is long if Chiyan and his entire team worked on it is enough to say that the stars of the South also value the public and consider them as their God or God.

Cutting the film by the creators of Cobra, including Chiyan, only at the request of the audience, confirms the seriousness of South Cinema towards the audience. It may be that people like Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra in Bollywood and Bollywood will oppose this initiative taken by Chiyan. But they have to understand that the viewer is God.

Well, the good thing is that the audience has given its influence by failing with great movies. Perhaps the situation will change in the near future and along the lines of Sur, the Bollywood producing director should give preference to the fans/critics. As soon as it happens, it’s a good thing there won’t be a Bollywood name Leva any time soon.

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