Why isn’t Alia Bhatt’s Darlings on IMDb like Sardar Udham-Mimi?

Alia Bhatt’s first film as a producer ‘Darlings’ is in the audience on Netflix. Darlings is actually a black comedy drama whose story is written by Parvez Shaikh along with Jasmeet K Reen. Jasmeet has also directed. The film stars Alia Bhatt along with Shefali Shah and Vijay Varma in the lead roles. While in the supporting cast she sees actors like Roshan Mathew and Vijay Maurya. The creators decided to release Darlings directly on OTT instead of theaters. The kind of atmosphere for the Alia movie on social media on the day of the broadcast, it seemed like the filmmakers’ decision was right.

However, the silence about Darlings on the online movie data platform IMDb is historic. This trend is surprising. In fact, this is probably the first time after Covid that, despite better word of mouth on social media about exclusive OTT content, there is a contrary atmosphere on IMDb. In over 24 hours of streaming, the Darlings theme has attracted only 1,700 users on IMDb. As of this writing, users have rated Darlings 6.8 out of 10. Existing user engagement will be called poor.

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Why is the trend of Darlings appearing on IMDb new?

If you look at other Bollywood movies released on OTT in recent months, it’s not hard to understand. Post-Covid, Bollywood movies that came straight to OTT and the content that became the talk of it had gained a huge share here. Movies are big or small and whether they are class or mass entertainment. Its trend was shown as soon as it appeared on OTT and within a few hours thousands of engagements on the topics were seen. Many movies even made records.

Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah in Darlings. Photo: Netflix.

For example, movies like Sardar Udham, Shershah and Mimi achieved more than 9 ratings in 24 hours. Right now, the rating of movies on IMDb is more than 8 out of 10. While low-scale movies like Ram Prasad’s Terahvi and Kagaz, Ram Prasad’s comedy-drama, which got more than 7.5 ratings, also attracted many users. . Even slightly weaker movies like Haseen Dilruba and Paglat were rated around 7 or higher at the time of broadcast.

Even the compromise of all the movies that hit theaters that were in the public debate also surprised them. The Kashmir Files and RRR and KGF 2 also got 8+ engagements. The commitment of various people can be seen on IMDb regarding its topic.

What are the meanings of Darlings on IMDb?

The best thing for Darlings on IMDb is the critical reviews. Even though the number of people attending the engagement and critical review is smaller, the reactions here for Alia’s film are said to be much better. At the time of writing the news, there were about 90 reactions, almost all rated as Darlings for Featured Movie. The filmmakers are especially praised for the film’s story, the actors’ performance, and the excellent entertainment. There are also some negative reactions where the film has been heavily criticized. Despite this, some negative reactions have also been rated 5 and 7, showing that people like all things Darlings.

Now it’s another matter that I can’t state how transparent IMDb’s reactions are to Darlings. It is also not less important that there is a tremendous contrast between ratings and critical reviews on this platform. One thing is clear that the viewing public is experiencing a situation of some confusion about the film. People seem to be mad at Darlings for one thing or another. Although whether or not people are truly mad will only be known after reports of how much Darlings was watched on Netflix.

What is IMD?

IMDb is an online platform where registered users rate and review a movie between 0 and 10 points. The platform is a one-of-a-kind online database of movies, TV shows, home videos, video games, and digital streaming content. The cast, production team, biography, short story, trivia, comments from fans and critics related to the respective content, as well as rating options are also available here.

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