Why only Anushka Sharma, Bollywood bodyguards have always been stars!

Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Anushka Sharma have millions of fans. From the road to social media, these fans follow their favorite stars. When these stars are seen in any public place, thousands of people gather to see and meet them. Fans surround themselves for selfies and autographs with their favorite stars. In such a situation, movie stars sometimes get into trouble because of their fans. Due to overcrowding, they also become victims of push-ups. To avoid these situations, the stars keep personal bodyguards in their safety.

Personal bodyguards remain the shadow of Bollywood celebrities. Whether on a film set, a night out or a lunch outing, Bollywood celebrities will always be seen with their trusted bodyguards. The work of these bodyguards is risky. Because they make sure that celebrities are well protected and their fans don’t face any kind of problem either. There has always been general security around the stars, but the credit for the practice of having personal bodyguards goes to Salman Khan first. Today about 27 years ago, he had kept bodyguard Shera with him. Shera carefully protects the life of her boss Salman Khan. He is seen standing around him as a “fort wall” so that he does not suffer any harm.

Like movie stars, his bodyguards have also become social media stars, fans follow him.

Shera became Salman’s bodyguard as well

Shera has also become a celebrity while living with Salman Khan. Like any celebrity, she also has accounts on social media, where she is also updated regularly. It has about 5 billion followers on Instagram, then there are more than 10 thousand people on Facebook. His photos with Bhaijaan are often seen here. Shera’s real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. On when and how he met Salman, Shera himself says: “I have worked with Salman Bhai for 27 years. In fact, the brothers used to go to the show. Once there was a show in Chandigarh, where the audience had taken the stage. When he returned, Sohail Khan called me into his office. He asked me, “Shera, why don’t you become Bhai’s bodyguard?” Happily I agreed. So I started working for my brother.

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There are two types of movie bodyguards.

Deepak Singh, owner of Dome Security, which provides security for movie stars, says: “There are two types of bodyguards. The first one who lives personally with the celebrities and the other who is placed in the security of the film set, site or Anywhere other than celebrities. Personal bodyguards are called “Close Protection Officers.” Ravi is always with me when I’m with Shahrukh Khan, sir. Ravi Singh is his personal bodyguard. The day he’s gone, I make myself charge instead.Some clients have bodyguards for them 24/7, some take them only when going to a public place, a photo shoot or an event.

Bodyguard made to meet SRK

Yusuf Ibrahim, owner of 911 Security Company, relates an interesting anecdote related to Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood: “About 16 years ago, Shahrukh Khan came to a dubbing studio near my home. Standing outside the studio, I was talking to someone, then his car stopped, as soon as the door opened I ran towards him and wanted to meet him, but then his bodyguard Yasin pushed me aside. At that moment I did not understand why this was happening to me. I walked home. When I googled it, I learned that those people are the star’s personal bodyguards. I thought if you can’t get close to a star as a fan, but you can stay very close to her as a bodyguard. After that, I established my own security company. Shahrukh Khan also came. I worked with Mr. Shahrukh for about three and a half years. By then, Yasin had quit her job from there.

Aamir Khan’s Favorite Bodyguard

Mayur Shettigar, the bodyguard of actor Hrithik Roshan, who is called the Greek god of Bollywood, tells of himself: “The financial situation in my house was very bad. You have been ill for a long time at the time of the 10th exam. One day after recovering from the illness, a friend asked me: “Today is the filming of the movie … Are you meeting with me? They need a lot of people for security.” He needed a lot of money, so I went with him. movie ‘Na Tum Jaano Na Hum’. Hrithik Roshan was present on the set. I was there for 5 days and I liked the work. At the same time, a bodyguard was needed at Aamir Khan’s house, so I went there. I tried to investigate further on what to do in this job By 2012, I had understood it all.

Mayur is Hrithik’s personal bodyguard

Mayur had understood very well what a bodyguard has to do in the film industry. He had become so adept at his work that celebrities began to demand it. Gradually he became known as Aamir Khan’s personal bodyguard. Whenever Aamir used to go out somewhere, he would send an invitation to Mayur. Preity Zinta and Rani Mukerji also called him because he liked his job. Peacock’s self-confidence would have increased when celebrities used to praise his work and used to say ‘You understand your work well, that’s why we like you’. He even told other bodyguards to ‘act like a peacock …’. Today, the children taught by Peacock are assigned under the protection of Aamir Khan, the Bachchan family, and many other great celebrities. Currently, he is Hrithik Roshan’s personal bodyguard.

Deepika considers the bodyguard as her brother

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone regards her bodyguard Jalal as a member of her family. Every year in Rakshabandhan he also binds Rakhi. Jalal is his brother Rakhi. How special they are to Deepika, can be known from the fact that although all the relatives could not make it to Deepika-Ranveer’s wedding in 2018, Jalal was present on behalf of the girls in the city of Lake Como, Italy. Not only this, Jalal has accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Members of Deepika Padukone’s fan club are now following her. Jalal is shocked by this unexpected change that has happened to him, but he is very humble.


Let us know now how much is the salary of the bodyguards of Bollywood stars …

1. Celeb- Anushka Sharma

Bodyguard – Sonu aka Prakash Singh

Salary: Rs 1.2 crore annually

2. Celeb- Amitabh Bachchan

Bodyguard- Jitendra Shinde

Salary- Rs 1.2 crore annually

3. Celeb- Deepika Padukone

Bodyguard – Jalal

Salary- Rs 80 lakh annually

4. Celeb- Shahrukh Khan

Bodyguard – Ravi Singh

Salary: Rs 2.5 crore annually

5. Celeb- Salman Khan

Bodyguard – Shera

Salary- Rs 2 crore annually

6. Celeb- Aamir Khan

Bodyguard – Yuvraj Ghorpade

Salary- Rs 2 crore annually

7. Celeb- Hrithik Roshan

Bodyguard – Mayur Shettigar

Salary- Rs 1.2 crore annually

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