Why ‘Shimla’ from the movie ‘Nationalist’ Akshay Kumar is being made in London!

The governments of different states are working hard in the direction of promoting tourism and local businesses. Creating resources and providing facilities. Many efforts are being made, especially in the direction of courting the film industry. But instead of these efforts, what can be said about the thinking of the film industry, which also runs to foreign destinations to show any local area of ​​the country. Money is wasted. With your money, you promote employment and industry in some other country. However, for the profits from the movies, one has to go back to these audiences. What can be said about this act of the film industry?

It is surprising when even an actor like Akshay Kumar, who is shown to be a ‘nationalist’ and very social, does not deal with these things. According to a report by Dainik Bhaskar quoting Mission Cinderella’s production designer, Akshay’s film will be shot in London. The actor will participate in the filming of Mission Cinderella beginning August 25. The funny thing is that London is not mentioned in the Mission Cinderella story, but the story is in Shimla and will be shown through a fake location in London. The Shimla Police Station will be built, as will houses there. The logic was given that the dates of the artists will be put together. A 20 percent subsidy will be available in London. And there will be other concessions available.

It is natural that many questions arise in the mind. Is London Really Cheaper Than Shimla? The actors do not give dates for the films that are filmed in the country? Is the film industry currently facing many restrictions due to Corona in outdoor locations in the country? Will it be cheaper to recreate the backdrop of Shimla in London, where movie people travel and stay, despite a 20% subsidy? And the most important question is that in the current difficult times, the people of the small towns are struggling to earn a living, in such a situation, is the 20 percent subsidy more attractive to Akshay Kumar? The question is also because the report cited above suggested that Akshay Kumar was the mastermind behind the “experimental” idea and that he had recreated Chandigarh in Glasgow in a similar way for Bellbottom.

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Akshay kumar

Akshay might know that Shimla is a resort town. A city whose economy is largely based on tourism. Corona has affected the majority of tourism and related businesses only. The hotel business has almost completely stalled since last year. In such a situation, what would be the harm if the Shimla shooting had been done here with some difficulties? At least Akshay was able to request other concessions and resources. If the filming of Mission Cinderella had been in Shimla, then how many people would have gotten jobs in tough times? It is unfortunate that when dozens of Tamil film fans volunteered to work for an entire web series (Navras) for free and set an example by dedicating all their earnings to workers in the industry, our ‘patriotic’ hero was entitled to a 20 percent. Grant. He’s going to shoot in London with Jham. While you have to sell the movie here. The facilities must be taken over from the government here. Tax exemptions should be looked for here. But when it comes to giving them properly, excuses stick and they go.

The creators of Akshay and Mission Cinderella don’t have to cut corners. If the budget had been saved, I would have made the backdrop for Shimla in a studio in Mumbai. In the digital age, this is very easy. People don’t even realize that the Shimla they see has been shot somewhere in Mumbai. In fact, the exercise of foreign trade becomes more visible with work. And this custom of tafri under the guise of movies is very old. After the 90s, all of this had become an expensive but necessary routine for Bollywood producers. Such sequences were inserted into the stories, that even if it wasn’t there, it didn’t matter.

Hero or heroine is rich. Live abroad. Hero or heroine goes abroad or visits India. collide with each other. Love falls in love and then the story moves to India. Especially the peoples of Punjab. Couldn’t the backdrop show the wealth of heroes or heroines from cities like Mumbai / Bengaluru / Chennai? Do the main businessmen of the country stay abroad and earn money by staying there? The measure used to be when the film of stars like Govinda, which was a pure street story, but in which too foreign locations were used for the filming of songs. Govinda in an extrarangi dress is dancing in the streets with Karisma Kapoor and the foreign crowd in the frame is wondering: Bhai yeh ho kya raha hai? The heroine dances in a flimsy sari in the heartbreaking location of Switzerland. Or Shahrukh striking his characteristic pose in the Arabian desert. The sand of the Middle East is beautiful. How do the Kutch and Thar deserts look ugly? The question is whether the movie budget was controlled by shooting songs then.

No. Shooting the budget in foreign locations or any other reason mentioned does not make sense. The stories the foreigners were in are necessary. But in other Bollywood movies, the forced outdoor location has been used. Until a decade ago, there used to be such discussions that big movie stars used to make producers keep filming outdoors. In a way, this appears to be a collective betrayal of the producer’s money. The period of foreign shootings weakened when Bollywood cinema began to rush into local stories. Significant low-budget films began to be made. But now the trend seems to be returning. You see a lot of movies going to foreign places. This was not expected after the pandemic. The film industry should try to shoot in the country with little difficulty. So that people in need keep getting jobs. The pace of business continued to increase. Because behind the improvement and profits of the film industry, the people here also have their part and contribution.

Mission Cinderella is a new version of Ratasana in Tamil. In this, Akshay is seen in the role of a police officer. Mission Cinderella is directed by Ranjit Tiwari.

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