Why so much rush in the one and a half minute teaser without understanding the weight of Adi Purush? Comparisons are just tricks

Adi Purush’s teaser, which came out two days ago, is only 1 minute 47 seconds long. So far, millions of views (7.63 crore in Hindi, 1.5 crore in Tamil, 80 crore in Malayalam, 1 crore in Telugu) have reached YouTube in different languages. The views are only for 36 hours. How big it is, can also be gauged by the fact that five years ago, the Telugu trailer for SS Rajamouli’s epic Bahubali has over 12 million views so far. Prabhas’s Baahubali was originally a Telugu film and was advertised in other languages ​​until the film’s release. There was not much noise outside of Telugu during the trailer.

Other than Adi Purush’s teaser on YouTube, his review, the news related to him, it’s almost impossible to count the number of views for people who are weak in math like me. So far, at least thousands of words have been written about the teaser as well. Countless words will be written. Only in the teaser. The trailer hasn’t even arrived. The launch is also three months later, in January. Despite this, if this is the condition of the advance, then what will be seen next is not too difficult to imagine. Who is this Adi Purush showing magic? And it is clearly visible how heavy that image is in the minds of the Indian public. One can guess a little what revolutionary change Adipurush is capable of leading in global cinema.

Well, I am not referring here to the Adi Purush teaser views. Rather, I am going to discuss the debate and debate about it, about the ‘baharupiya politics’ hidden in the debate. The pros and cons of Adi Purush, which have been made in opposition, are seen on both fronts. This is the most surprising thing for me. The section, which is not allowed to remember history even 200 years ago, but the politics of Bahrupiya gives the slip of the direction of the hero present in Mahishasur. Despite the fact that those who take and give slips consider the Markandeya Purana or all Hindu scriptures to be bogus fiction. I am very surprised that the intellectual class financed by foreign foundations is absent from the historical debate initiated on the Adi Purush. And even that section which nowadays seems to be trying to explain the philosophy of an Abrahamic religion under the guise of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Tripitaka, is sitting silent. It’s almost a matter of the sun rising in the west.

Prabhas in Aadipurush.

The least he could have said was that the Ramayana was just an epic and his story was just a fiction. Even if he is silent, he understands that the secret is deep. That intellectual section is definitely afraid of the opinions mentioned above. It cannot happen that you do not try to stop the possible effects of Adi Purush. But when things seem to be going in favor of deaf politics, why should you work hard? That is why he is sitting quietly. Look carefully. ‘Baharupiya’ is silent but his work and other people are doing it. The Bahrupiya policy debate in Adi Purush is exactly the same as Akbar issued the Ramnaam coins in Persian. And to educate India, he had done the work of spreading the network of madrassas in the towns and villages. In the same way that Aurangzeb, who broke the ancient places of Kashi-Mathura, is seen donating to an anonymous temple in the story.

It is no less amusing that Adi Purush’s writings from Valmiki to Tulsidas are held up as a reference. He will also be seen presenting the Ramanand Sagar landmark. It will be seen telling the importance of research for cinema. India’s pain has been that despite its ‘generational memory of subjugation and humiliation’, it is sidetracked from its cause by becoming entangled in the web of swindlers. Whatever efforts Om Raut has made for the new generation of people around the world, he has become active in diluting the effect. Look carefully at the Adi Purush debates once again.

Adi Purush’s characters are being compared to Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana characters. Even before the trailer for the movie came out or its release, the verdict was in that Adi Purush is complete nonsense. Even Richard Edinborough’s Gandhi and Aamir Khan’s Lagaan Tak are being compared to the way they both researched for their films. Examples of many more great movies are being featured. Even those who opposed Brahmastra were not so prepared. The film that was made about Gandhi is being written about how Bhanu Athaiya meticulously went through and the processes to create the character of Gandhi. How many people did he meet, how many sculptors did he meet. He also got an Oscar for this.

Let’s assume for a minute that Om Raut did some cursory research for Adi Purush. I have simple questions for those who put the example of Ramanand Sagar, Gandhi and Lagaan in front of Adi Purush. Was there no image of Ram in the Indian public before Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana? Wasn’t there Ramayana 40 years ago? How was the image of Ram in Ramlilas? The image of Ram in Ramlila is a childish form. also today. Ram was with Sita at the time of swayamvara, even if he was only 14 years old. Arun Govil did not take Swayambar at the age of 14 and before that. they were very different. When Arun Govil as an adult Ram was accepted by the audience. He too was worshiped in the form of Ram, so why would the audience not accept Prabhas as Raghav in Aadipurush? It is beyond comprehension what arguments people are debating on.

More interesting than this is Gandhi’s argument. You can research on Gandhi. Finding the first and last photo of Gandhi is not a laborious task. How they looked, how they lived, what they wore, what was the country of his time: it is easy to find out authentically. But even for Ram, what can be said about the intelligence of those who insist on investigating like Richard Edinborough. Now ask them: what would you consider the first representative image of Ram? There were no photos. Because the Gaekwad royal family of Gujarat entrusted the great task of making images of Hindu deities to Raja Ravi Varma just a few years ago. I do not understand why India, famous throughout the world for its sculptures and paintings, could not engrave the images of the gods on paper or clothing. Was there any compulsion? The Bahrupiya policy could not insist on doing this research, but for what purpose it is not known to Adi Purush that it is expected that what Ram was like seven thousand years ago, what Ravana was like, what that country was like: Om Raut should find him and show the.

It is natural that the image of Ram was carved into the form of an idol by some craftsman in a temple. You travel across the country. You will see different images of Rama in each temple. And it is not only with Rama but with all the deities. Our buddhas are equally different. But they look different in China. different in Tibet. Different in Japan. The image of him in Sri Lanka looks completely different. There is more difference in Myanmar. Despite that, we received the original Buddha image from Nepal to India. She changed on the geography trip. But this is something beyond imagination about Ram. The Ramayana was written by Valmiki and was adapted into all languages. Valmiki, in the time of Rama, gave shelter to Sita. Lavkush was taught weaponry. You will surely be well acquainted with the image of Ram. If that myth is part of history itself. And Valmiki recorded the vignette of Rama or another character, place, etc. of Ramayana in his book. It can be considered authentic.

Each recorded the vignettes in their own way. Writers, playwrights like Radheshyam, filmmakers. Ram was Shyam Varni. Now as we will know which were the black characters. There are many types of flat nose and there are also pimples of different types. Whoever made Ram feel, made the same image. Since they were human, they were carved as human. Ram’s innate humanity is visible until Om Raut. What can those who question the image of Ram in Om Raut say what he was like? Tulsidas has described the childlike image of Rama in a savaiya as follows:

The progress of the teeth of the Kundakali Adharadhara-Pallava Kholana.

Chapla Chamkain Ghan Beach Jagai Chhabi Motin Mal Amolan Ki.

The curly hair hangs over the top of the dome of the coil lol.

Nevchhavari prana kare tulsi sacrifice jaun lala in bolan ki.

According to Tulsi, if four painters are given the task of making a children’s image of Ram, then with the guarantee that the mentioned things of Tulsi will be found in all children’s images. But Rama will have four different forms. Based on Tulsi, which form of Ram would you consider perfect? We talk about the image of Ram but the same applies to all the characters like Lakshman, Hanuman etc.

So all the debates about Adi Purush are in vain. In a way this is a complete conspiracy to make the new age Ramayana i.e. Adi Purush unpopular by presenting coercive arguments. Although it is not that there are no serious questions in the Adipurush of Om Raut. The image of Ravana and the transformation of Lanka has certainly disappointed. Ravana was an exclusive devotee of Shiva. He was a ritualist and also a scholar. He was not an untouchable. He was majestic and his contact with all the royal families is mentioned. He was Sanatani and Tripundadhari. Om Raut has made his Janeu and Tripund disappear in many places. He does not seem close to Ravana.

The ghost of Lanka horror movies was not a bungalow. As seen showing Om Raut. It was the golden city. It was made by Lord Vishwakarma. It was Lord Kubera’s city that was captured by his half-brother Ravana. Ravana’s acts were demonic. But he was also a majestic man. She was the perfect tribe of Maya’s powers. And they also have high human family values. From his wife Mandodari to all his brothers and relatives, Ravana was prevented in every possible way from following the path of injustice. Warriors like Kumbhakarna got tired of pleading, did not give in to his brother and then chose war out of love for the brother. Knowing that this is the path of injustice.

Despite being elusive and majestic, Ravana did not use force on Sita. He had little respect for the woman’s own decision. Om Raut seems to be deluded in the case of Ravana. Questions are valid here.

By the way, the way the trailer is revised unnecessarily, it’s being done a bit more quickly. Ram’s comparison with Gandhi and Lagaan suggests that some people are too concerned about the impact of the new Ramayana era (Adi Purush). Well, the truth is that Adi Purush is going to be a legend. This time the whole world will see the magic of Ram’s story, not just India. What can be said about the rest of the BJP savvy leaders like Narottam Mishra? Ministers are also ordinary human beings, don’t pay much attention to them.

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