Why superstars fail after Rajamouli movies, Prabhas-Ramcharan are shining examples?

SS Rajamouli is one of the best directors in the Indian film industry. The success of the blockbuster ‘RRR’ directed by him has once again shown that the box office success of a great film like ‘Bahubali’ is not the fruit of luck but of Rajamouli’s hard work. ‘RRR’ is the second pan-Indian film from Rajamouli, who has entered the 1 billion rupees club. Previously, his film ‘Bahubali 2’ had earned 1.7 billion rupees. A negative myth is also associated with all these positive achievements of Rajamouli. The actors who work in his films become famous all over the country after the release of the film. Its height increases at night. But the performance of these actors in the later movies leaves people very disappointed. Even the movie dies at the box office.

The success of the movie ‘RRR’ proved that Rajamouli is a great director.

The most vivid examples of this myth associated with Rajamouli are superstars Prabhas and Ram Charan. Let us first talk about Prabhas. After the release of the movie ‘Bahubali’ in the year 2015, Prabhas became a pan-Indian superstar overnight. The echo of her name began to reverberate from south to north. She became synonymous with Bahubali to the people. Bahubali who can control a lonely crazy elephant, Bahubali who can fight against millions of enemies, Bahubali who climbs a mountain thousands of meters high against the flowing water, Bollywood stars look dwarfed in front of the image of Prabhas. After this, the movie ‘Bahubali 2’ released in the year 2017 raised his stardom higher than the mountain. But the movie ‘Saaho’, which was released only after two years, died at the box office. With great difficulty the film was able to recoup its cost.

The budget of the movie ‘Saaho’ is Rs 350 crore while the profit could be only Rs 450 crore. Similarly, three years after the release of ‘Saaho’, the movie ‘Radhe Shyam’ was released. People also had high expectations for this movie. Its budget was also 350 million rupees. The kind of glimpses that were seen in the teaser and trailer, it was thought that this would also be a movie like ‘Bahubali’, but after the release, people were misled. This movie also turned out to be similar to ‘Saaho’. He couldn’t even get his cost back. The total gross of the film is 150 million rupees, which is half of its budget. If seen this way, Prabhas has turned out to be a flop after the Rajamouli movies. Likewise, South Cinema superstar Ramcharan has also suffered. Her Telugu film ‘Acharya’ was released five weeks after the release of ‘RRR’. Made on a budget of Rs 140 crores, this movie is struggling to cover its cost. While Ram Charan’s father Megastar Chiranjeevi is also present in it. Even after this, the film has only earned Rs 100 crore so far.

Here the big question arises, why does this happen? After making the Rajamouli films, why can’t they make other films by the artists who have toured the country overnight? The first answer to this is Rajamouli himself. Rajamouli, who changed the condition and direction of Indian cinema by giving India the best film, is known for ensuring successful films. Rajamouli is one of those directors where any artist who works in movies becomes a superstar. His thinking, his creativity, his ability to work hard, his imagination, the art of producing great cinema, the ability to get 100 percent of any artist’s work, sets him apart from other directors in the country. He does spiritual practice to make a movie. When the film ‘Bahubali’ was being produced, at that time he imprisoned himself and the entire film crew for five years. He shot for these movies continuously for about 380 days, which is double the days it takes to make any major Hollywood movie.

Such dedication to a film has not been seen in any director working in the Indian film industry. This is why Rajamouli’s films create history. It makes new records at the box office. Otherwise, it takes courage to bet Rs 550 crore on a director’s reputation. But the bettor also knows that he will get back every penny he takes on his movie. The benefit that will come after this will surprise everyone. His film is a box office success, every artist who works on it becomes a star. As it happened in the classic movie Shoal. The name of each artist in that film is in the language of the people. His dialogues are fascinating to many. Similarly, Bahubali has also created history. Apart from Rajamouli, the second most important reason is that the number of people working on these types of films is expected to increase a lot. An image of him is created in the eyes of the public, from which he does not want to see that actor separated. There is almost no reason why people shouldn’t like it when Prabhas, who wields arrows and swords in Bahubali, shoots a gun in Saaho. The old glimpse of him can be seen in his upcoming movie ‘Adipurush’.

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