Why the protest of the patriotic super soldier John Abraham with the release of the movie Attack?

By combining wild fantasies with the true story of the 2001 Parliamentary terrorist attack, Bollywood has made a science fiction movie: Attack. The story of a super soldier who you can also call a superhero. The story of the country’s first super-soldier to be seen in an army uniform. But thanks to science, technology and artificial intelligence, he has become a formidable warrior. John Abraham played the role of Super Soldier in Attack. There is a preparation to make the attack in many parts under the super soldier series. The future is not known, but now the first part has jumped to the fore, since it has been made with a budget of about 70 million rupees.

The attack on Parliament is shown in the film. It has been shown how terrorists take the Parliament building hostage and easily want to force the country for their arbitrariness. The country, facing the terrorist situation again and again, needs a super soldier who can treat a hundred diseases simultaneously. The country’s scientists conduct experiments on a soldier and, with the help of science, manage to turn him into a super-soldier. In the attack, this super soldier stops the arbitrariness of the terrorists and proves to be infallible in the demands of security.

Bollywood has tried to make both science fiction and superhero movies. But aside from Hrithik Roshan’s Koi Mil Gaya franchise, there are no other memorable films to be seen in the superhero series. Although Krish’s hero seems more like a superhuman than a ‘superhero’. The hero of the attack has emerged as powerful for scientific reasons. The truth is that in the real world there is no place for the imagination of a superhero or a supersoldier.

The attack is led by Lakshyaraj Anand. While John is joined by Jacqueline Fernandez, Rakulpreet Singh and Prakash Raj in important roles. Rakulpreet is in the role of Bioscientist.

attack part 1

Do you like John’s super soldier avatar?

Then. John Abraham is being discussed a lot on social media, especially on Twitter. The public praises the film. John’s previous action animator, Satyamev Jayate, flopped badly. However, John’s Attack is also served with tremendous patriotism and racy action like his other films. Praising the attack, one user wrote: John Abraham’s movie is fantastic. The first half of the movie is tremendous. While the second part is very balanced and with an appetizing climax. It seems like a movie worth watching for people. John has been very good in his character, while Rakulpreet Singh and other actors are also good in his character.

Another user wrote that they were eagerly awaiting the sci-fi thriller in the form of Attack. According to history, the technology has been used well in the film. John Abraham and the entire Attack team are definitely grateful. What John has done in the movie is the best thing he has ever done. The casting, the story script and the direction of the film are the best. A user also praised the graphics and visual effects used in the film. Most users find the attack entertaining. Some users have even rated the movie giving it 5 points out of 5. However, it is not the case that everyone is praising the movie.

Why are supporters of The Kashmir Files mad at John?

Many people on social media are also criticizing the attack, calling it just a movie. Some people are also angry at John Abraham because of The Kashmir Files and are seen appealing not to watch the movie as well as teaching the actor a lesson. The Kashmir Files was not promoted on The Kapil Sharma Show.

John had said about this: the director of the movie Attack took me to the Kapil show. I like them. He’s a really nice guy, but his show doesn’t increase my movie ticket sales. I don’t believe in promoting movies on Kapil’s show. Just look at The Kashmir Archives. The film was not promoted on Kapil’s show, but still did a great job at the box office. Let us tell you that there was a lot of controversy in the past regarding The Kashmir Files and the Kapil show.

What about John’s movie in the reviews?

Most Attack reviews are mixed and can be considered entertaining. Bollywood Hungama and Pinkvilla have rated the film as an entertainer and given it 3 points out of 5. While Firstpost has found Attack to be an average film by awarding only 1 point out of 5. Koimoi has also given the film only 2 points. . The Times of India has rated the film as an entertainer with 3.5 points. While NDTV has also rated it at 2.5 points. Reviews can be considered positive to a certain extent.

What’s on IMDb?

No signs of attack on IMDB. Until the time the movie was written after its release, only 150 users rated it. Users have rated it 8.4 out of 10. Here are some user reviews. The film has been mostly praised and seeing it seems that it has been written by the fans of the actor.

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