Will Adipurush be the victim of controversies, the signs seem to be something like that?

Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon star in ‘Adipurush’ has been in controversy ever since its teaser release. A lot of people are angry after seeing the way the characters of Shri Ram, Hanuman ji and Ravana are portrayed in this movie. Followers of Hinduism believe that he is deliberately mocking their religion. In the name of creative freedom, filmmakers must not be allowed to mock any religion. This is the reason why the film is being opposed from the political corridor to the society of saints. A petition has even been filed in a Delhi court to ban the film, which the court will hear on November 5. If the court decided against the film based on this petition, please understand that this film will not be released.

Petitioner Raj Gaurav has demanded a permanent ban on the film, accusing it of hurting religious sentiments. He has said in his petition that the original form of an epic like the Ramayana cannot be manipulated under the guise of freedom of speech. Ramayana is an important part of Indian culture, civilization and spirituality. He said that actually the traditional image of Lord Ram has been that of a quiet love, while the movie ‘Adipurush’ teaser shows him as a tyrannical, vindictive and angry man. Not only this, Hanuman ji has also shown himself in a cruel and horrible way. Saif Ali Khan looks like a Mughal invader in the role of Ravana. Such a film that hurts the feelings of people of a particular religion should not be allowed to be released. It should also be removed from social networks.

Saif Ali Khan played the role of Ravana in the film, which is being heavily criticized.

After seeing the trailer for the movie ‘Adipurush’, Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha sent a legal notice to director Om Raut. They demand that all controversial scenes be removed from the film within seven days. If this does not happen, legal action will be taken against the film. The notice sent by Mahasabha President Pandit Suresh Mishra reads: “The depiction of Hindu deities in this film has been done in a very incorrect way. In this film they are presented in a distorted way. He is seen wearing a leather cloth, talking indecently. The despicable kind of language used is to provoke people and hurt their religious feelings. There are some dialogues in the movie that are spreading hatred towards religion and caste. Ramayana is our story. While in ‘Adipurush ‘, Hanuman ji is shown as a Mughal. What Hindu has a beard without a moustache? As Hanuman ji is shown. Ravana himself is shown as the Muslim invaders Ghori and Khilji. Ravana was not like that.

Sant Samaj is also giving a strong reaction after seeing the movie’s teaser. Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of Ramlala in Ayodhya, said that making a film is not a crime, but it should not be done to deliberately create controversy for attention. Manipulation of the Sanatan Dharma culture will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Mahant Rambhushan Das Kripalu said that those who make films about Hinduism must first acquire knowledge of the culture. Sanatan Dharma deities are constantly insulted. If this doesn’t stop soon, then the Sant Samaj will have to shake up. Jagadguru Ratnesh Prapannacharya said that neither the golden crown nor the spiral in the ear seem to be devotees of Ravana, Shiva, nor Genghis Khan, a devotee of Babur. Adipurush is an attempt to materialize the Indian faith and classical concepts. This should be banned immediately. There is a demand from the saints that the Sanatana Board of Censorship be formed. Before the release of any film, the film must be presented before this court. She will decide on its release.

Also in the political corridors voices are raised against the film. Uttar Pradesh MP CM Brajesh Pathak has reacted sharply to this. He has said that in the Hindu civilization and the culture of India, Lord Ram resides in the people. His insult will not be tolerated at all costs. The sentiments of the Hindu society are being attacked through movies. This is almost certainly false. There is little to condemn him. There is a constant attempt to destroy and change our culture. We are proud of our culture and heritage. Sant Samaj is for the protection of the Hindu society. Shankaracharya Peeths were established in the early times. Even when the invaders had attacked, our culture was protected through these Akharas. Saints have an important place in our society. That is why what he said must receive serious attention.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has warned that if the controversial Adipurush scenes are not removed, legal action will be considered. In this regard, the Home Minister has also written a letter to the director of the film, Om Raut, in which it has been written to remove the objectionable scenes and note that such mistakes should not occur in the future. He said, “I have seen the trailer for Aadipurush. There is an objectionable scene in the movie. The way the focal points of our faith are portrayed is not good. Hanumanji’s clothes are shown in leather. In the depiction of Hanuman ji, it has been said separately that Kanan Kundal is crushed, Vajra hand and Dhwaja Viraje. In this all their clothes have been said. This is an attack on faith. These are scenes that hurt religious feelings. I am writing a letter to the producer of the film Om Raut to have those scenes removed.

In this way, looking at the protest in every way against the film, it can be said that the path is very difficult for its filmmakers. Now this is the situation after the release of the teaser, so imagine what will happen after the release of the trailer or the movie. The credibility of many people is at stake in this film being made with a mega-budget of Rs 500 million. From the producer of this film to the actor Prabhas, fate must be decided. If this film is defeated, Prabhas’ career will be in trouble. Because after Bahubali, he has not given a single blockbuster movie. In such a situation, there is pressure on him to make this movie a success. On the other hand, the credibility of the film’s director, Om Raut, is also at stake. The film that Tanhaji made under his direction was a huge success. Now people have expressed great faith in him regarding Adi Purush. Let’s see if the movie is changed after the protest or not.

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