Will anyone believe Mika that he is going to do ‘Swayamvar’ after Rakhi Sawant?

It looks like Bollywood singer Mika Singh is in the mood to get married. It is said that very soon she will create her own Swayamvar. But this wedding ceremony will not take place in private, but will be broadcast on television. Yes, a show called ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti’ on Star Bharat TV channel and Disney Plus Hotstar OTT platform will start from June 19. It is said that 12 selected girls from different parts of the country participate in this show. Mika Singh is going to make one of them his girlfriend.

In such a situation, the question arises whether Mika will also cheat on people through this show like Rakhi Sawant or whether they will actually get married within the show. Looking at the history of this show, so far it looks like everything is going to have a script. Mika will hardly get married on the show. Like Rakhi Sawant, she too will go back on her promise or divorce later like Rahul Mahajan. Rakhi had left the boy she had chosen as her partner shortly after the show. Rahul got married during the show, but a few months later the news came that he too had been divorced. Now Mika’s truth will also come out in time. But there is very little chance that people will see the Swayamvar as true this time, because everyone’s faith has been broken many times.

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What is going to happen in Mika’s Swayamvar?

The name of Mika Singh’s wedding TV show is ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti’. Very few people would know the meaning of Vohti. In such a situation, let us tell you that Wohti is a Punjabi word, which means mother or wife. Star Bharat has organized a big event in search of Mika’s Vohti. Mika’s passion has started between the songs of Dhol Nagade, Gidda, Bhangra and famous singers. The venue of the event has been kept in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Fabulous arrangements have been made there in a beautiful resort, where 12 girls have stayed together with Mika Singh.

Mika says, “I got a lot of bhangra at other’s weddings, now it’s my turn. I’m ready to find my dream girl through this show. Star Bharat show ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Voti’ gave me the opportunity to choose my life partner and when she approached me for this show, it seemed like the lucky box had been opened. I’m getting to know these princesses. I’m spending time with them. I’m thankful to all of them for coming to this program”. While singer Shaan, who is hosting a reality show after 14 years, also looks happy.

What happened on the Rakhi Sawant show?

Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant’s names made headlines together after the kissing scandal. After that incident both friends paths parted but today we see the coincidence, just like Rakhi, Mika is also going to create a swayamvara. The first swayamvar in television history was composed by Rakhi Sawant. The name of this program broadcast in 2009 was ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’. It was shot at the Fatehgarh Palace and Udaipur. His host was Ram Kapoor. 16 singles participated in the show. Out of this, Rakhi had chosen Ilesh Parujanwala as her mate. They both got engaged instead of getting married on the show.

Rakhi and Ilesh had said that they would both get married after the show, but their words turned out to be false. After a while, the two parted ways. In a recent interview, Rakhi revealed that the audience is cheated on those reality shows. She also did the show just for the money. With that money she bought a house. Rakhi says that those reality shows are not real. Nobody gets married. He was also not married on the show. What nice guy to marry on TV anyway? They didn’t hit.

Confidence Breaks With Reality Shows!

There is no doubt that reality shows are breaking people’s trust. Previously, reality was actually shown in such programs. People used to watch some new kind of entertainment besides Dailyshop. But now everything is predetermined. Which contestant, what to do, who judges how to react, even the audience involved in the show is sometimes told in advance what to do. In this way, most reality shows are now scripted. Because of this, his reputation has also been tarnished. Shows ranging from ‘Bigg Boss’ to ‘Swayamvar’ have become just a means of earning TRP and advertising.

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