Will Bigg Boss be released on OTT before television proves to be a game changer?

The next season of the controversial but famous reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ will be released digitally. The creators of this show are preparing to launch it on the OTT platform before the television premiere. His title has remained ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. If watched, this experiment is going to be the first of its kind in the world of television, in which a popular reality show is launched on OTT before its traditional TV platform. Previously, any TV show was launched on the OTT platform just a few hours after the satellite broadcast. But Endmall Shine India, the producer of ‘Bigg Boss’, is going to do this experiment.

Interactive entertainment is still in its infancy around the world. In India, we’ve only seen a glimpse of this genre on OTT, but most of it is available in the form of fictional content. If the creators of ‘Bigg Boss’ manage to crack the code related to the dissemination of interactive content by leveraging OTT, then the over the top platform could prove to be a gold mine for such shows. Because OTT is a suitable platform for reality shows like ‘Bigg Boss’, where there is no time limit or threat to the moral values ​​of the family audience. Here 24X7 you can broadcast any program live.

Salman Khan’s famous reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ will launch on OTT before it does on television. This is the reason why the creators of ‘Bigg Boss’, which was shot live for 6 months, this time have decided to broadcast it first on a digital platform rather than on television. During the first 6 weeks, the public will be able to watch this program on the OTT Voot platform. On television, this show airs only for an hour, so the creators have to do a lot of editing, but this will not happen on the OTT platform. The public can enjoy this show live 24/7 without editing. Not only this, the common man will also be given unusual powers to make the show interactive so that he can eliminate contestants, their assignments, and the show.

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OTT is the perfect platform for ‘Bigg Boss’

Regardless, OTT is the perfect platform for shows like ‘Bigg Boss’. There has always been an accusation on this show that, for TRP’s sake, it often throws itself into the heat of controversy. Not only this, but also vulgarity, vulgarity and violence are added to it. With the help of controversy, this reality show has been shown on television for the past several years. Sometimes the show’s creators themselves add a controversial temperament to it, and sometimes the contestants who participate in it. They also know that if there is going to be an ad on the show, then they will deliberately dispute. Make fights. Scream and cry. Abuse, obscenity and indecency. This is the reason why Bigg Boss remains in controversy.

Obscenity and violence raised people’s concern

In view of the increasing vulgarity and violence in ‘Bigg Boss’, the timing was also changed. It previously aired at 9 pm, but its schedule was later changed to 10:30 pm, so that it does not have a negative effect on children. In such a situation, Bigg Boss can be freely displayed and seen on OTT without any moral pressure. Such content is already present on this platform, Bigg Boss does not stand anywhere in front of it. The second most important factor is the time frame. Manufacturers have to broadcast the program within a certain time on television, since also the pressure of advertising is different. It can be done live on OTT for 24 hours beyond the time limit.

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What if the ‘Bigg Boss’ experiment is successful?

Now the question arises that if the ‘Bigg Boss’ experiment is successful and viewers also start switching to OTT, what will happen to this medium? Look, the first thing is that the lock in the middle of the chaos of Corona has quickly spread the OTT market. Since fresh content in theaters and on TV stopped, people quickly moved to OTT. After metropolitan cities and large cities, OTT is aggressively moving to increase its reach among audiences in smaller cities and towns. The bugle for an interesting match has sounded in the entertainment arena in India. In this, the creators of Bigg Boss have also invented.

There will be a long battle between OTT and TV

Business analyst Girish Johar believes that, in the long run, the original fight will be between OTT and TV. Today, television has a great advantage in terms of infrastructure and price. Television has reached every home. The rates are also affordable. On the other hand, the whole foundation of OTT is internet connectivity. If the speed is not correct, it is not fun to watch web series. However, the problem of internet speed is an instant guest. 5G is coming. OTTs are also enriching their content libraries. Bring the content of each class. Regional OTTs are also growing rapidly. In such a situation, if the TV is to survive, it will have to be changed.

OTT paid subscribers are increasing rapidly

According to a report, there has been a 30 percent increase in paid OTT subscribers in India during the close from March to July last year. The number of paid subscribers increased from Rs 2.22 million to Rs 2.9 million. In the closure, no new programs were made for television channels, cinemas were also closed, the release of new films was postponed, so only OTT platforms became the source of entertainment. OTT platforms that brought in regional content got the most benefit. 90% of Indian consumers prefer to view content in regional languages. Only 7 percent of the time spent on the OTT platform has been dedicated to content in English.

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