Will Delta Plus cause the third wave? Expert says new variant is deadly


  • Will Delta Plus cause the third wave of Kovid?
  • There is no evidence. Anurag Agarwal.
  • Delta Plus is deadlier than Delta.

New Delhi – An expert has come up with a new explanation for the highly spread Delta Plus variant of the Corona virus, which is being widely reported in the country. “There is no evidence that Delta Plus causes the third wave of Covid,” said one of the country’s leading doctors and a leading figure in the field of genome sequencing. Anurag Agarwal.

The new argument comes amid reports that Delta Plus could cause a third wave of Kovid. The new findings are based on a study conducted in April and May, when daily COVID cases were at their highest. In June, Gino Sequencing performed 3,500 samples collected in Maharashtra, which reported the highest number of Kovid cases in the country. Anurag Agarwal told NDTV that the Delta Plus variant was found, but it was less than one percent.

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The presence of the Delta Plus variant was low even in areas where Kovid cases were high. In the places where Delta is present, Kovid has not finished the second wave and is already worried about the third wave of Kovid. He added that Delta Plus is more deadly than Delta.

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At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that the most widespread Delta variety has been found in 85 countries. This is stated in Kovid’s Weekly Epidemiological Update published on June 22. Variations have been confirmed in 11 countries in the last two weeks. Alpha variants of the Kovid virus have been confirmed in 170 countries. The beta variant was confirmed in 119 countries, the gamma variant in 71 countries and the delta variant in 85 countries.

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