Will James Cameron be able to repeat his own story through Avatar 2?

It is said that history repeats itself, but the records made in history are hard to break. Especially, it is not so easy to get back to the milestones set by you. At present, the world famous filmmaker and director James Cameron is getting confused with this question. His long-awaited film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ will be released in theaters on December 16. The first part of this movie was released on December 18, 2009 in many languages ​​around the world. Through this film, James introduced the world to a new kind of cinema. He has shown that world in his film, which despite being fictional, is very similar to reality. With the help of technology, such thrill magic has been done that all the viewers who watched the movie were stunned. The eyes of the people remained wide open. No one could believe that someone could even think of making such a movie.

Made on a budget of Rs 2000 crore, the first part of this film earned Rs 19025 crore worldwide.

13 years after the premiere of ‘Avatar’, James Cameron arrives with his second part ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. In such a situation, along with the filmmakers, the audience also hopes that this movie can repeat the story set by it. Because more work has been done on the sequel compared to the first part. State-of-the-art technology has been used for this. Such a technique that has been invented solely for the shooting of this film. Otherwise, due to the problems of filming underwater and the absence of technology, Cameron dropped the idea for the first sequel. He couldn’t even find that kind of story, which could carry through the emotion of the first part. But after the availability of technology and history, he worked on it. After almost five years of hard work, he is ready to be released.

It took over a year to write the story for the movie ‘Avatar 2’. But even after the story was done, he couldn’t impress Cameron. This is the reason why, disappointed, he left the intention of making the film, but then he got hold of such a story, that he extended the first part to the third part. James himself says about this: “When I sat down with my writing team to write the story for the second part of the film, I told everyone that we had to crack this code, why was the first part so good?” . He later came to the conclusion that all movies work at different levels. The first surface, in which there is a problem and a solution. The second theme, in which it happens that what does a movie want? I wrote the entire script for its sequel, I read it, and after reading it I realized it doesn’t make it to level three. However, now this movie is completely ready for release.

“Santosham param sukham”… It means that there is ultimate happiness in contentment. He agreed that this is correct, but it cannot be considered correct in all situations. Early gratification can keep you from making history, because you won’t go out of your way to make a difference again. Understand the words of James Cameron. If James had accepted the first story he wrote as correct, then he probably would not have been able to create history and would not have been on his way to making records in the coming times. He kept working hard until he got the best. This specialty of his separates him from all the great filmmakers in the world. That is why he has been able to make a classic film of world cinema. A movie of this type that shows a high dynamic range with 3D, higher frame rate, better resolution and an excellent sound system with visual effects. Not only this, in terms of earnings, this movie has created many records all over the world.

Made on a budget of Rs 2000 crore, the first part of this film earned Rs 19025 crore worldwide in just two months after its release. This time the budget of the film is 1909 crores. Film experts estimate that the sequel to the film can do business between Rs 2,500-3,000 crore. If this happens, it will be a good sign for the third part of the movie. Because James Cameron has already said that the profits from ‘Avatar 2’ will decide whether or not the third and fourth parts of it are made. If the film’s profits decline, the third party will be dwarfed. James has said in an interview: “Whether to complete the story of the three-part film or make a franchise, it will depend on the box office performance of the next sequel.” We are in a different world now than when I wrote this movie. A lot has changed with the pandemic and OTT. Maybe we should remind people what going to the theater is all about. This movie definitely does that.

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