Will the BCCI and the Sixers rain on the new rules in the UAE IPL?

Stand out:

  • BCCI announces new rules for IPL UAE edition
  • The first match will be between Mumbai and Chennai on September 19
  • Delhi Capitals heads the first edition in India

Dubai: The second part of the 2021 IPL season is about to start in the United Arab Emirates. The clubs will soon arrive in the United Arab Emirates for the tournament, which begins in September. The tournament moved to the United Arab Emirates as the expansion of Kovid 19 intensified as the season in India progressed. The tournament will start on September 19. The last league game will be played on October 8.

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Fans will have the opportunity to watch the game during the tournament in the United Arab Emirates. It is reported that the Emirates Board will facilitate it. With this, fans watch the IPL again after a long wait. However, security measures will also be strengthened to prevent players from passing the Kovid 19 when fans arrive. As part of this, the new rules can be seen in the IPL.

The decision has been made to collect a new ball when it arrives at the stadium at the UAE IPL. This is due to the potential for the virus to be present when the balls return to the gallery. This ensured that the balls had to be changed multiple times. Hitters will benefit from this. The UAE is also expecting a record score this time in the IPL, as the new balls are fast approaching. Spitting on the ball is also prohibited. The rule violation carries a warning for the first time and a penalty of 5 runs if repeated.

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The first match will be between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings on September 19. Delhi and Punjab have already completed 8 matches, while other teams have completed 7 matches this season. Delhi tops the list. Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai are in the next position.

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