Will the ‘past’ vaccine stand up to the ‘new’ Kovid?

For Thomas Joseph

How effective are the Kovid vaccines available worldwide against the newer variants of the new Corona virus (Kovid-19)? Won’t the vaccines against the newer variants work because they were made during the old variants of the Kovid-19 virus? Especially against the more intense form of virus the researchers call Delta?

No rumors, researchers and health experts say:

The Kovacin and Oxford Astra Seneca vaccine from Bharat Biotech is currently being distributed in India by Kovishield, a serum institute manufactured in India, and the Sputnik vaccine from Russia: three vaccines.

There are reports that the American vaccine Modena and Pfizer will arrive in India, but they are not currently available.

According to the central government, so far 39,96,95,879 doses of the vaccine have been administered in the country. This means that 22.9% of the population received one dose and only 5.7% received two doses.

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Vaccines and efficacy

The two most widely used vaccines in India, Kovacin and Kovichield, are resistant to the deadly Delta variant. It will provide protection up to 95% of the risk of death. Says VK Paul.

The Union Health Ministry made the observation in April, May and June after an ICMR-led study led to the second wave of Kovid.

The Public Health England (PHE) report confirms that the Astra Seneca (Covshield) vaccine is highly resistant to the alpha and delta variants of Covid and can help prevent up to 92% of hospitalizations.

A study of 1,17,525 police officers in Tamil Nadu categorized them as those who received the vaccine, those who did not, and those who received only one dose.

Of the 32,792 police officers who received a single dose, seven reported deaths, while of the 67,673 who received two doses, only four died.

“Our study shows that the vaccine is 82 percent safe for those who take a single dose and 95 percent for those who take two doses, Paul adds.

According to a research report in Russia, the Russian-made Sputnik vaccine is resistant to alpha, beta, gamma, and delta variants. The study was conducted by the Gamalaya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Russia.

An experiment by vaccine manufacturers found that Sputnik was 90 percent effective, Reuters reports. A study in the medical journal The Lancet also found that Sputnik was effectively dealing with new variants. The Journal reports that in the intermediate experiment, the Sputnik Delta variant alone showed about 91.6 percent effectiveness.

According to the researchers, vaccination has significantly reduced mortality, not just in India but globally.

“Although the Delta variant is spreading faster and increasing the number of hospital admissions than ever before, the number of deaths due to this is very low.

An official statement from the World Health Organization says:

“None of the vaccines currently in use and still being tested are intended to fight viruses, but they are capable of producing a wide variety of antibodies to fight a large number of viruses.

The Delta variant, which was confirmed in India in October 2020, quickly spread to more than 100 countries. But it is still evolving in India, and health experts are studying a variant of the virus called Delta Plus.

The next 100 days will be crucial in determining the third wave, according to reports from the World Health Organization and the IMA.


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