Will the school be opening soon in Kerala? The Center can decide for the states

New Delhi: The central government has said that schools and training centers can be kept open according to local regulations. Union Minister Dharmendra told Chief Lok Sabha that state governments could make a decision on this. He said the state government had previously said it would make the necessary decision to keep schools open in light of local restrictions. The Center also stated its position on the situation where states, including Kerala, have started discussions on opening schools. The Minister of Education in the Assembly adopted a position on the reopening of schools that have been closed in the state as part of the restrictions. “The government is considering phasing out the schools. The opening of the schools will require the approval of the Central Government and the Kovid Control Authority. The minister told the assembly that the online education system is not permanent. The education system Continuous online is causing various health problems in children. The cabinet was quoted in the SCRT study as saying that 36 percent of students experience headaches during online classes. Eighty-eight percent of children reported eye pain and 28 percent reported neck pain. Children and parents need to communicate more to address these concerns. Education Minister V Sivankutty told the assembly that parents should make sure their children receive the exercise and attention they need.

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