Wind Chime Craft Ideas: Making wind chimes from bottle caps

In August, there is not much left to do in the garden. The beds are full to bursting with vegetables, the fruit trees don’t need any attention yet either and the meadow is just allowed to bloom. Harvesting and relaxing are the top priorities from now on. So it is once again make everything really nice and cozy to enjoy the last days of summer to the fullest.

This includes for me the hammock, a comfortable lounger and many different seats in the shade. There I wander then from seat to seat and look dreamily around in my garden. To make the nice atmosphere perfect, all I need now is a small wind chime for my happiness. This has something wonderfully playful for me, when it sways in the wind and makes soft sounds.

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However, the purchased wind chimes are much too loud for me. I’m also not so much about the noise, but much more about the sight, the lightness and lightheartedness that brings such a wind chime with it. Therefore, I have once again tinkered something: A wind chime made of crown caps! This fits perfectly to the current Bionade campaign “Buntstattgrau”.

Although it is not at all gray in the garden, but very green and a few colorful, unusual and creative accents can be set wonderfully with this DIY.

Wind chime tinker, that you need

The wind chime has hardly cost money, because apart from the crown caps you need only the below materials:

  • A branch
  • A dark green string
  • Jute string
  • A package of jewelry beads
  • Mosaic stones from mirrors
  • Scissors
  • Bells
  • Hammer
  • Nail/Drill
  • Hot glue

I already had most of this in my craft box. So I was able to pack everything up quickly and implement the DIY directly in the garden.

Step 1

First you have to make small holes in the crown caps. This is most easily done with a nail or drill attachment and a hammer. It is important that you use a stable base. An old wooden table or board, for example.

Step 2

Then you can start stringing the individual strings. At the end of each string I attached a small bell, because I find the sound just very appropriate and discreet. Tie this well and then string it as you like.

It looks most beautiful if you attach the Kronkoren in a double pack, as seen well here. In between always beads and small mirror stones. Fix them with hot glue. They look great later in the sunlight!

Step 3

Before you attach the individual strings to the branch, you should hang it up. This way you can balance the weight better and your wind chime won’t hang completely crooked on the tree. Go around each end of the branch with the jute string and then hang it on the tree.

Step 4

Now you can hang up the finished strings. Make sure you place them at different heights and lengths, this will make it look much looser and more playful. Finally, glue a few mirror stones on the branch and the wind chime is ready!

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