‘Women should be educated’: Nitish Kumar against the law of the two sons of BJP


  • The birth rate in the country will drop by 2040
  • Nitish Kumar wants a better education
  • Response in the context of UP legislation

Patna: BJP ally Nitish Kumar on Monday opposed the BJP government’s move to reduce the number of children and control the population in the UP. Nitish Kumar said that population control was not just a matter of legislation and that the goal was to educate women.

Nitish Kumar was speaking to the media on the sidelines of Chief Minister Janata Ke Durbar Mem’s event. He said what he said was clear but may differ in the case of other states. He was referring to the new UP government draft to cut government rations and benefits for families with more than two children.

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Nitish Kumar said he was making this clear based on various surveys and studies. Previously, the birth rate in Bihar was above the national average of 1.7%. Previously, there was a birth rate of more than four percent. Later it was reduced to three percent. Currently, the birth rate in Bihar is 1.6% below the national average. Nitish Kumar said that this big change came when women were educated up to the high school level. Nitish Kumar said he is confident that the birth rate in the country will drop by 2040.

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At the same time, Nitish Kumar said that he would not say that population control laws would not work. But education is the best way to do it. He also said that it will help all sectors of the population. Nitish Kumar said that although educated people have more children, it is rare.

The decision of the UP government is to provide more benefits to families with only two children and cut benefits to families with more children. The government has also published a draft prior to the implementation of the law. Union Minister Giriraj Singh yesterday demanded that a similar law be applied in Bihar.

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