Women’s Rights: Northeast Plfs Survey of Female Managers – Northeast Plfs Survey of Women Managers

According to the Periodic Labor Force Survey (PLFS), there has been a sharp increase in the number of women in managerial positions in the northeastern states of India. Meghalaya is the leading state. Here, 34.1% of women hold the position of director. Sikkim and Mizoram are very close.

According to the survey report, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab are the other two states with the highest presence of women in managerial positions. The proportion of women is 32.3% and 32.1%, respectively. In Assam, however, only 6.9 percent of women are in the highest position.

“The number of female workers in the Northeast states is much higher than in other states and territories of the Union of India. In these states, women are employed not only as managers but also as legislators and senior officials. Manipur tops the list with 51.8% women in all sectors. They are followed by Meghalaya (51.7%), Sikkim (50.4%) and Andhra Pradesh (47.9%). – Says the Periodic Survey of the Active Population.

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At the same time, the number of female employees in the country has increased by only 23.2 percent compared to the number of male employees. These figures also indicate that the presence of women in the workforce is very low. Furthermore, these figures show that action is needed to fill this gap in the employment sector.

‘Sikkim is a state where women do professional and technical work just like men. They both work as doctors and engineers, regardless of gender. The number of those employees is 120.2 percent. Furthermore, 101.5% of the people in Meghalaya and 91.6% in Kerala are doing professional and technical work. Assam, where women are less important in management positions, is at the forefront of these jobs with equality. Similarly, in Manipur, another leading state, 85.2 percent of female workers are employed in the professional and technical sectors, ”reported the Times of India.

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Soumya Kanthi Ghosh, Economic Advisor to the State Bank of India, says India still needs to come up with a number of initiatives to increase and promote the presence of women in the workplace. Soumya also said that more safety should be ensured for female workers and a fearless working environment should be created. Soumya Kanthi Ghosh opined that the Northeast states are ahead of other states in terms of girls’ education and that education plays an important role in empowering women and therefore the government should adopt plans to help girls get an education.

Gender inequality is also reflected in the quarterly employment survey released by the Union Labor Ministry on Monday. 70.7 percent of men and 29.3 percent of women work in commerce, transportation, education, health, restaurants, IT / BPO, and financial services.

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