Wow, this period Crown and the responsibility of Miss Universe! Harnaaz Sandhu came to New York from Mumbai

The third wave of corona has reached the country and the world. In India, the pace of the epidemic is increasing four times faster. On January 3, 35,438 Covid-positive patients were found in the country in just one day. Similarly, 12,160 infected people have been found in Maharashtra. These figures from the Corona case are scary. Because of this, the entire country is now moving rapidly towards the blockade. However, before that all restrictions have been imposed. People are advised to stay safe by staying home. But some people say their responsibility or are forced to leave the country outside the home under duress. One of them is also Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu, a resident of our country. Who has come to New York from Mumbai in the middle of a dangerous Corona infection. While in the United States, every day, 10 cases of Lakh crown are coming to light.

About 20 days after winning the Miss Universe title, Harnaaz Sandhu arrived in New York for the next mission.

In December last month, Chandigarh resident Harnaaz Sandhu won the Miss Universe title after 21 years. Before him, Bollywood actress Lara Dutta became Miss Universe in 2000. Since then India has been waiting for this title. But at the 70th Miss Universe pageant held in Israel on December 12, Harnaz Sandhu of India was crowned Miss Universe, leaving behind the beauties of 79 countries. After that, he returned to India. He first went to his village via Mumbai, then Chandigarh. He was warmly received everywhere. She was in Mumbai for a few days, but according to the Miss Universe contract, she had to go to New York. There he has a luxury apartment to live there for a year. It has many luxurious facilities. From here you can also do the Miss Universe World Tour.

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After winning the Miss Universe title, Harnaaz Sandhu received a special crown. It has been said that the cost of this Taj is about 50 lakh dollars, or 37 crore rupees. You can keep it until the Miss Universe 2022 match. Along with this, Harnaaz also received a reward of $ 2.50,000, that is, Rs 1.89 crore. After Taj and prize money, the most remarkable thing is that he has a luxurious apartment to live for a year in the best American city like New York. This apartment is given to the winner after winning the title of Miss Universe. The Miss Universe pageant has the entire cost of living in it. Miss Universe also has a team of assistants and makeup artists. Makeup, hair products, shoes, clothing, jewelry, skin care, etc. they are given for a year.

Not only this, the best photographers are given to make portfolios for the purpose of giving Miss Universe a modeling opportunity. They are provided with professional stylist, nutrition, dermatology and dentistry services. Free admission is available at exclusive events, parties, premieres, screenings, castings. The travel privilege, the full cost of accommodation and hotel accommodation is provided. Have the opportunity to travel around the world. Yes, during this different events of the Miss Universe pageant continue to happen. It is mandatory that Miss Universe participate in these. Actually, the purpose of keeping Miss Universe in New York giving her all the facilities is that she must be available to her at all times. By making you a representative, you can perform at different shows and events. In this, the organization that organizes the Miss Universe pageant also has its own commercial interest.

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In this way, one thing is clear: Harnaaz Sandhu will not be able to do any personal work for the next year. But what are your plans after that? By the way, most of the beauty pageant winners have entered Bollywood directly. But will Harnaaz go to Bollywood? About this, he said in an interview, “I hope that one day I will definitely work in movies, because I always wanted to do this.” But I don’t want to be an ordinary actress. I want to be an influential actress. I want to do such challenging roles that defy conservatism. “For information, let us tell you that Harnaaz has been performing in theater since school. She enjoys acting, singing, yoga, swimming, horseback riding, and cooking. Consider the actress filmmaker Priyanka Chopra as her inspiration.

There was a time when people used to make fun of your body. She used to be very scared until she was 17 years old. At school they made fun of his thinness. Because of this, she was in depression for a time, but the family was always supportive. Then one day he realized that he had to turn his flaws into his stronger side. After that, he began to pay attention to himself. She is very enthusiastic but also takes care of fitness. It says that everyone should eat their mind’s food, but they shouldn’t stop exercising. She eats everything she wants herself. Previously, she won the title of Times Fresh Face Miss Chandigarh in 2017, Miss Max Emerging Star in 2018, Femina Miss India Punjab in 2019, and Miss Universe India in 2021.

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