Yash’s KGF 2 Beats The Kashmir Files and RRR on IMDb

Yash’s action thriller KGF Chapter 2 (KGF 2) premiered on April 14 on different Indian New Year holiday weekends. Just three days after its premiere, the film has revolutionized the box office. From south to north, Yash’s film ‘Ashwamedh’ rolls on, smashing records. There are many movie record milestones in three days. Why only the box office, the film is in the debate of people on all platforms. Catch old landmarks and make new milestones and your ‘Jaigan’ can be seen with wide eyes on all internet platforms.

Yash’s film is also moving towards new records on the prestigious IMDb film data website and on many other internet platforms. Currently, KGF 1 has beaten SS Rajamouli’s great period drama RRR. At the time of writing this news, KGF 2, directed by Prashanth Neel, got a rating of 9.6 out of 10 points. More than 46 thousand registered users have rated the film on IMDb. Here you can also see more than 900 user reviews. Almost in proportion to the rate, encouraging reviews are also shown in favor of the film. This is the situation three days after the film’s release. That is, there is a lot of potential for it to grow more in the future.

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KGF score of 2 on IMDb.

How did Yash’s KGF 2 crush RRR?

If you look at the status of RRR compared to KGF 2 on IMDb, you know that Rajamouli’s movie has fallen behind in terms of getting the love of the audience here. The fourth week of RRR, which opened on March 25 at the box office, is underway. The film has obtained 8.9 points out of 10. About 54 thousand registered users rated it. RRR also starring Ramcharan, NTR Jr, Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan in the roles of Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty and Raveena Tandon, KGF 2 is also a Pan India film which was released theatrically in five languages ​​including Hindi .

rrr imdbRRR score on IMDB.

So Kashmir Files would have been #1 on IMDb

If we look at the status of theatrical releases on IMDb in the last decade, it can be said that KGF 2 is the biggest movie in Indian cinema that has achieved good rates, which has made a quick step to the top here. IMDb was at number one with The Kashmir Files directed by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. However, IMDb changed the rating process for the Kashmir Files citing unusual activity.

Previously the film’s rating was over 9.6, which after the change is currently at 8.3 rating points. But in terms of engagement here, Kashmir Files remains the biggest movie in Indian cinema history. The Kashmir Files has been rated by more than 5 lakh 42 thousand registered users. There are over 7,400 user reviews.

kgf 2 vs rrrKGF 2 and RRR.

Where else does IMDb appear for KGF 2?

In terms of point rate, KGF 2, which beats RRR on IMDb, can be called the best movie in Indian cinema and The Kashmir Files is number 1 in terms of participation. This KGF 2 situation is being seen not only on IMDb but also on other commercial and informational websites that compile movie databases. For example, Yash’s action thriller is also seen on online booking website BookMyShow as the most liked movie.

KGF 2 got more than 2.5 lakh votes in three days and more than 94 percent of people liked it. RRR got more than 8 lakh 60 thousand votes in 4 weeks, but the likes are 90 percent. Similarly, The Kashmir Files has 5 lakh 74 thousand votes, but the likes are only 91 percent. Similar scenes are seen on some other reputable internet platforms. The numbers are enough to show what kind of strong word of mouth has been built up for KGF 2. And why is money raining down on KGF 2 at the box office?

The Kashmir Files, RRR, and KGF 2 are some of the best movies in their respective industries in recent years that have set commercial records in all four directions.

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