Yash’s photos of KGF fame in Rakhi must be considered as ‘ghee on fire’ against Bollywood!

Previous festivals were dominated by images of Bollywood superstars. But now, even here, the southern stars are seen pillaging the gathering. At the Raksha Bandhan festival, such an image of KGF megastar of fame Yash emerged from the South film industry, which can be seen as ‘ghee on fire’ against all Bollywood stars on social media in the current debate. In fact, Yash has shared some photos of his sister tying Rakhi at the Raksha Bandhan festival.

The image shared by the actor that links Rakhi on social networks is very simple and simple. These cannot be called stylish images shared for PR. Sharing the photo, Yash wrote – Brother – fate brought you together. But united by love and dedication for life. Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone. The actor has shared a total of four images with inspirational lines, which can be seen below on his social post.

Fans are shocked to see Yash with his sister.

Fans are shocked to see the photo of Yash’s sister Nandini at Raksha Bandhan. Fans were shocked to see the superstar’s sister with them for the first time. Many people even asked the actor interesting questions about his sister. One user asked how much gold would Yash give his sister in exchange for Rakhi? By the way, nowadays, Nandini was not even seen in such a familiar mood with her brother. Yash has a strong bond with his sister, she is married and her husband is said to be a computer engineer.

Why should Yash’s photo be considered against Bollywood?

In fact, in the criticism of Bollywood for some time now, along with the Hindu-Muslim angle, it is also coming to light that Bollywood stars do not show the correct behavior towards Indian culture. If we look at the reactions of Bollywood critics, it seems that they considered the symbols associated with the culture of the Hindu religion to be complementary to the Indian culture. Many people continue to attack on social media through Bollywood stars’ comments on some Hindu festivals in different contexts, selected scenes from movies. In recent years, since the gap between South and North in cinema narrowed, Bollywood stars have come under fire. They are compared to the stars of the South.

In recent months, social media has seen various images of stars from the South offering prayers, performing Hindu rituals, or performing other religious, traditional, and cultural rituals. A large part of social media shared the images as ‘ideals’ and repeatedly pointed out how there is a huge difference between Bollywood stars and stars from the south with regards to India, Indianness and culture.

Yash tying rakhi to sister Nandini.

Yash photo is the new spice people have against Bollywood

If you look at Yash’s current picture, you’ll see a lot of similar reactions. When viewing Rakhi images, many users are seen calling Yash a true Hindu and sanatani. Many people wrote that it is this power of Indian culture that proves Bollywood to be a dwarf in front of the stars of the South and their movies. Some wrote that the life of the stars of the South is like ordinary people. They don’t pretend. Even if there is a superstar like Yash. But Bollywood stars criticize and brag about Indian festivals.

If seen on Yash’s social media, he continues to share his feelings about family and country with pictures. He has shared many photos with his wife as a normal husband. He keeps sharing photos of your kids too. So far, many images of Yash have gone viral in which he is seen as a domestic person. And he is seen performing traditional rituals. As far as the Raksha Bandhan festival in the south is concerned, it does not seem as widespread as it is in the north.

Many of those images of Yash have been used by people to criticize Bollywood stars. One should not be surprised if in the next few days any Bollywood star is attacked through Yash’s Rakhi photographs. Those who curse Bollywood by drinking water must have kept all of Yash’s photos safe for the future.

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