Yechury and D Raja attend the Chinese Communist Party’s centennial celebrations

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  • Centennial of the Communist Party of China.
  • Left-wing leaders attended the ceremony.
  • Left leaders in response.

New Delhi: CPM Secretary General Sitaram Yechury and CPI Secretary General D Raja attended the Communist Party of China (CCP) centennial celebrations. Left-wing leaders attended a ceremony organized by the Chinese embassy via video conference on the Kovid-19 situation.

Present on the occasion were the leader of the Forward Bloc, G Devarajan, and the parliamentarian of the Lok Sabha, Senthilkumar. According to national media reports, the Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong addressed issues including India-China relations. It was also mentioned in the discussion that China has helped India greatly in expanding Kovid.

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The CCP’s centennial was attended by more than 600 political parties and political organizations from 170 countries. More than 1,500 people shared their congratulations through messages. China has made its position clear to India on a number of issues. He has made his position clear on the Galvan issue and the problems in the Pangong Lake area. Both countries have withdrawn troops from the border, Sun Weidong said.

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The relationship between India and China is important for world prosperity and peace. He said the relationship was crucial in the bilateral relationship. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the nation on the occasion of its centenary and said that no foreign power could invade China and would not allow it.

Left-wing leaders said that the Indian government had congratulated the Chinese Communist Party on its centenary, and therefore there was no reason for controversy in attending the ceremony. Left-wing leaders said what was wrong with attending an embassy-invited ceremony and that the ceremony had nothing to do with the issue, including the border dispute.

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