You must know the comedian actor Brahmanandam, he has acted in 1000 films till now.

Main characteristics:

  • Brahmanandam will be seen in almost every film of South.
  • His name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Have worked in 1000 films till now, charge a hefty fee.

You must have seen two things in South Indian films, one is action and the other is comedy. Actors like Rajinikanth, Mahesh Babu, Rana Daggubati, Vijay are known for their action, when it comes to comedy, a face is definitely visible. If you watch South Indian movies, you know this face. Comedian actor Brahmanandam is talking here.

Brahmanandam may be a side actor but his popularity is tremendous. People respect him as much as the superstars of South. Coming from a very poor family, he has made his place in the South Cinema Industry. There is a belief that the fees of the side actors are less than the lead actors, but Brahmanandam charges so much for a film that probably no actor in Bollywood gets this fee.

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Brahmanandam is popular, but his name is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. He has worked in more than 1000 films of South and this record is in his name only. The credit for bringing Brahmanandam into the film industry goes to filmmaker Jandhyala. It was he who brought Brahmanandam to films in 1986. She started her film career with Chuttalbai. He is working in this industry for 35 years. He recently came into the limelight for his comment on actress Anushka Shetty.

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According to media reports, Brahmanandam charges one crore rupees for a film. They are counted among the expensive stars. They live a very luxurious life. He has a bungalow in the very posh Jubilee Hills area of ​​Hyderabad which is also worth crores. He is also fond of cars. He owns many cars like Audi R8, Audi Q7 and Mercedes Benz. Brahmanandam is also very active on social media. His videos have gone viral on YouTube.

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