You must remove your hijab and show your face; Violence against a young woman

Bhopal: In Madhya Pradesh, a young woman wearing a religious costume was attacked while riding a scooter. The victim was traveling with a young man on a scooter. The attackers demanded that the hijab and burqa be removed after the vehicle in which they were traveling was stopped. After blocking the young man and the woman, the assailants took off the woman’s burqa and demanded that she remove her hijab and show her face. Images of the incident have been circulating on social media. The aggression was when saying that the young woman was an insult to the community. The two were released after receiving assurances that they would never travel like this again. The incident took place on Saturday. The attackers stopped the vehicle on suspicion that the Muslim woman was traveling with a Hindu. So far no case has been recorded in the incident. The vehicle was stopped and two assailants were arrested and released. “The young man and woman came to Islam Nagar at night. Some people stopped them and asked the young woman to show her face after removing her hijab. The attackers got the impression that the young man was Hindu and the young woman Muslim. “Police officer RS ​​Verma told the Press Agency. “No case has been registered against the young people seen in the scenes, but precautionary measures have been taken. The young people were released with the guarantee that they would not commit such acts again.” Verma said. Earlier, a similar incident occurred in Bangalore. The victim was a bank official. The incident occurred when he came to take his colleague home.

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