You will be stunned to see thousands of feet long photo of Sonu Sood, video went viral

salient feature:

  • An artist surprised everyone by drawing a picture of Sonu Sood, thousands of square feet long.
  • Sonu Sood himself was surprised to see a 50000 square feet long photo with the fans.
  • The artist made a meadow for these photos. Sonu later painted Sood’s portrait

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has won the hearts of people with his good deeds during the Koro era. Sonu Sood arranged from beds in hospitals to oxygen and medicines for the needy. Even today, Sonu not only gives answers to everyone seeking help through social media, but also provides them with help.

This is the reason why everyone is thanking him in his own way. Recently a person named his shop Sonu Sood. Recently, an artist has surprised everyone by making a picture of Sonu Sood, thousands of square feet long.

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picture taken in the meadow

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There is a lot of discussion on social media about a picture of Sonu Sood. Which has been created by famous artist Vipul Mishra. This picture is 50000 square feet long. Seeing this, Sonu Sood himself and the fans were also surprised. The artist made a meadow for these photos. Later Sonu Sood’s face was cropped in the shape of a picture. This picture is being praised a lot on social media.

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people reacted like this
If you want to see people’s comments on this photo, then many people have liked this photo. While some users show Sonu Sood as the next PM candidate, some people are unable to understand Sonu Sood’s face in this photo. But the discussion about the photo has intensified. It has to be seen how Sonu Sood himself reacts on such a long portrait.

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