YRF’s plan B for Emperor Prithviraj, now this can be done to make up for business loss

The negative campaign that is going on on social media regarding the role of Akshay Kumar and Yash Raj Films’ period drama ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ – It has already been decided that the film would hardly do well at the box office. It happened almost the same way. Despite being tax-exempt in some states, Emperor Prithviraj was unable to win the box office. The film earned only 55 million rupees in a week at the domestic box office. Yash Raj Camp took the risk of doing a period drama for the first time as Samrat Prithviraj and was hit hard. There are discussions about making the film with a budget of over Rs 200 million. The filmmakers have been very disappointed with the film’s box office performance compared to the cost. However, the banner has now started implementing Plan B to prevent business losses.

Emperor Prithviraj’s lifetime collection in India is estimated to be less than 75 million rupees. By combining the domestic and foreign box office, at most this movie could pull out a lifetime collection of up to 100 million rupees. However, there is still room to recover the full cost. This reach can be achieved by selling OTT, TV, and digital rights to the film. Yash Raj’s plan B to avoid damage is actually to release the film on the OTT platform early. Emperor Prithviraj will reportedly be broadcast OTT ahead of time. To this end, preparations are being made to re-fix the lockdown period.

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Emperor Prithviraj.

Why is the movie released early?

Regardless, producers get more money for launching the OTT platform’s big stars-and-banners stream ahead of time. A few days ago there were discussions that the OTT platform Amazon is dealing with Prime Video- Yash Raj for the OTT rights to some movies. Samrat Prithviraj will launch on Amazon. One month after its theatrical release. That is, the film will be able to stream on Prime someday after 4 weeks. Producers who release films in theaters sell their OTT rights to OTT partners at four to eight week intervals. For films that are sold eight weeks apart, producers charge less.

But movies that flop in theaters, that hit OTT within the 4-week blackout period, pay well for them. For an exclusive OTT release, the highest payout is made. In the same way that a blackout period between the OTT and the cinemas is taken care of, it is also tried to maintain more or less the same gap between the OTT and the television premiere. Namely, one of the reasons for Emperor Prithviraj’s early arrival at prime may also mean that the TV premiere should happen sooner as well. Obviously, in exchange for the television rights, the producers should get decent money compared to before. Even though the film flopped in theaters, it may succeed in extracting a lot of cost in return for box office take and digital rights.

However, how much Yashraj is paid in exchange for Emperor Prithviraj’s TV and OTT rights: figures are yet to be revealed. Despite this, this amount is likely to remain between Rs 50-75 crore or more.

Why can cinema be a profitable business in OTT?

In reality, the OTT audience is different. OTT subscribers are generally looking for new content. Since Samrat Prithviraj is almost a new movie, the audience would definitely like to see it available. The good thing for Emperor Prithviraj is that apart from Hindi, it has also been dubbed into Tamil and Telugu. It is only natural that it will also gain a wider audience in languages ​​other than Hindi. Samrat Prithviraj may have flopped in theaters, but it may emerge as a strong movie in terms of OTT audience and there are reasons for that.

The first thing is that there is a star cast like Akshay Kumar, Sonu Sood and Sanjay Dutt in the movie which can inspire the audience to watch the movie. But the most important thing is the story of the film which is based on the life of Emperor Prithviraj. For the first time in the Indian intellectual society, due to this film, a lot was written about Emperor Prithviraj in almost all Indian languages. And the reason for this is the arrival of Emperor Prithviraj at the center of political debates. The way everyone debated the pros and cons, there is still an attraction among the audience about the movie. The current political polarization also raises the possibility that the audience will at least like to see Samrat Prithviraj on OTT.

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