YRF’s Shamshera proves to be anti-Hindu, I wonder if Ranbir Kapoor’s movie didn’t flop!

At present, the role that is seen in most of the society of India regarding their religion and culture: It would have been a surprise if Shamshera from Yash Raj Films had had a large audience in theaters. Despite a huge budget of around Rs 150 crores, over 4300 screens, a strong star cast like Ranbir Kapoor-Sanjay Dutt, solo box office release and Bollywood’s biggest banner name, Yash Raj Films , in film production/distribution, Shamshera was rejected by the audience. done. very bad. Rs 10.25 crore was earned below expectations on the first day. The collection of films that got the worst opening on the second day also showed decent growth, but here Shamshera’s business is only slightly higher than on the first day.

The film earned only Rs 10.50 crore on the second day of release. The kind of fierce opposition that arose regarding the film, had Shamshera’s collection been any better, was definitely a surprise. It is clear that the audience did not like the film and they have given the Yash Raj banner a “mandate” through the box office. There are two main reasons for the audience’s discontent with Shamshera. The first main reason is forcibly showing the Sanatan symbols in the movie story in the wrong sense and the second reason is the accusation of big banners like Yash Raj continually promoting nepotism.

Ranbir is playing a double role in Shamshera.

Yash Raj banner faces negative campaign after death of Sushant Singh Rajput

Even in Shamshera, the star cast comes from established Bollywood film families. With a couple of exceptions, the budding actors who have been given a shot at their careers by the banner hail from the great film families of Bollywood. Following the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, a large part of the audience accused the banner of nepotism and said that all the big Bollywood banners tried to destroy Sushant’s career. His films were deliberately hung up or given to other stars. There was a lot of controversy over Sushant’s ‘Paani’ movie (Shekhar Kapoor was about to do), the banner had put it in cold storage.

Over the past year, the part of the audience sympathetic to Sushant has vehemently opposed Yash Raj films. The boycott of the film was demanded even before the release of Shamshera. After Sushant’s death, Bunty Aur Babli 2, Jayeshbhai Jordar and Samrat Prithviraj all flopped very badly. Emperor Prithviraj’s failure at these is enough to show the audience’s anger towards the audience banner. While Emperor Prithviraj had the most trusted star as Akshay Kumar in the current era and the story of the movie was also the story of Prithviraj Chauhan, one of the great Hindu kings. As far as the failure of Shamshera is concerned, it was only after the trailer for the movie that it seemed like even Yash Raj’s new project could hardly make it at the box office. The apprehensions turned out to be true.

The character of Sanjay Dutt was deliberately created, whatever the reason.

Shamshera has received opposition on social media for the past few days regarding the character of Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay played the main villain Shuddh Singh in the fictional period drama. Even that was fine. But people could not digest the symbols with which the character of Sanjay Dutt was coined. Looking at Shuddh Singh, it seems that he is a very religious person. Despite being in uniform, there is a tripunda on the forehead, garlands around the neck and a crest on the head – in the Sanatan tradition, the sage-sannyasis or wise sages. He is considered a believer in humanity. While the actions and conduct of a pure lion is seen as an anti-human animal. People allege that through the character of Shuddh Singh, the feelings of Hindus were mocked and it was done deliberately. People also said if such characters are seen in real life.

shamsheraSanjay Dutt’s character has damaged Shamshera.

People’s claims can be dismissed for a minute. But when you look at other things in this movie, to a large extent people’s accusations seem to have merit. One, the story of the film is from the British period. In this, it is intended to show the struggle of the tribes against the British who plundered and oppressed the indigenous resources. But the story has been presented in such a way that it seems more like a struggle between castes in Indian society than the story of the Indian struggle for freedom against the British. Someone who has deep faith in Hinduism in the form of Shuddh Singh has also been shown to be inhumane and oppressive.

Spoiler alert: if you want to see Shamshera, read no further.

Many people also shared some images from the movie on Twitter. One of the images is not known from which part of the film. But it looks like there was a lot of fighting between Ranbir and Sanjay Dutt’s characters. During this, a gun is seen plunged into Ranbir’s back. Ranbir’s condition is very bad. But they probably take the name of a Muslim saint or a character from the movie “Peer Baba” and take the gun from his back. A different kind of enthusiasm fills Ranbir as soon as he takes on the name of Peer Baba. While Tripund-chotidhari Pir with Baba’s call, seeing Ranbir’s ferocious form, looks horrified and falls back to save himself. Since the story of Shamshera is fictional, people naturally look for a conspiracy in everything seen in the movie.

In Shamshera, religious Hindus were shown to be oppressors under the guise of Shuddh Singh, while Muslims appear secular under the guise of Peerbaba. The kind of politics, people will take it just as a conspiracy to smear Hindus. The Shamshera clip that was discussed has been shared with handler Babu Saana. However, after the report from the copyright owners, all those videos have been disabled.

It may be that the intention of the creators is not what people say. Rather, the creators have intentionally kept things so that people can argue about the right movie to condemn. This is also a Bollywood PR practice. What happens is that a film that receives a lot of criticism, the public manages to see it even if they are not supporting it. This gives a boost to the promotion and business of the film. In the past, many Bollywood filmmakers have cleverly used political tactics. Even if the character of Shuddh Singh is considered to be part of Yash Raj’s PR practice, Shamshera’s business decline says the creators made no profit and the reverse formula did the damage. Shamshera is almost sitting in the box office and now almost no miracle can save her.

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