Zydus cadila covid vaccine: first DNA vaccine in India; What do you need to know? – zycov-d vaccine zydus cadila covid world’s first dna vaccine things to know in malayalam

By Aneeb PA

India has the world’s first DNA vaccine against Kovid-19. The Comptroller General of Drugs yesterday approved the use of an effective vaccine in the country for adults and children over 12 years of age. Sykov-D, a vaccine manufactured by Sydus Cadillah, a Gujarat-based company in collaboration with the Central Government Department of Biotechnology.

What is a DNA vaccine?

Two types of vaccines are commonly used to treat Kovid-19. Traditional vaccines are made using inactivated viruses and bacteria. Kovshield and Kovacsin, which are widely used in the country, are traditionally manufactured.

The mRNA vaccines made by the US companies Pfizer and Modena do not contain inactivated germs. These vaccines are made in the form of mRNA. Therefore, they are known as mRNA vaccine.

Psycho-D, a DNA vaccine, contains substances that are similar to the genetic components of the virus. The virus, infiltrating the human body, instructs cells to make specific proteins. The vaccine contains the genetic code of the virus that directs cells to make proteins.
Once the vaccine reaches the body, the cells make proteins. The body’s immune system, which sees this protein, produces antibodies. These antibodies destroy live viruses that enter the body.

How much dose do I need?

The Kovid-19 vaccines are usually given in two doses. Psycho-D is given in three doses.

Do you need an injection?

The uniqueness of this wax is that it can be used by those who fear syringes and needles. The vaccine enters the body through the skin in a painless way. You will use a needleless injection device from a company called Pharmajet.

Faced with new variants?

The company claims that Psychov-D is also capable of fighting deadly variants such as the Kovid-19 Delta.

What will the price be?

The company said it would decide the price in two weeks.

Available from

The company says the Sykov-D will hit the market in mid-September. The plan is to produce 10 to 12 crore doses of the vaccine per year. Five crore doses will be produced in December. A 20 crore needleless device will also be manufactured.

It is effective?

The vaccine has been tested in 28,000 people in different parts of the country. The controller drug vaccine is approved after testing the test results.

Is there a two-dose vaccine?

The company has also applied for drug controller approval for two doses of the Psychov-D-like vaccine. This vaccine will be available on the market as soon as it is approved.

The cost is 500 million rupees

The company’s Dr. Sherwill Patel told Business Line that he had spent 500 million rupees to build and test the Psycho-D. The vaccine is designed to be used safely in large countries like India. The vaccine is safe for up to three months, even at 25 ° C.

India and the vaccine

So far, 3.24 million people in the country have been affected by the disease. Of these, 4.34 lakh died. In a country of 139 million million inhabitants, only 58 million million people have been vaccinated. The government had previously said that the vaccine would be available to all adults in the country in December. The first dose is given to everyone under 18 years of age.


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